FREE Charting and Trading Webinars for Traders (Sunday December 4th ,2011 7pmEST )

FREE Charting and Trading Webinars for Traders (Sunday December 4th ,2011 7pmEST 

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If you found this page after Dec. 4th , 2011 go to twitter for most recent webinar links or click the other recent taped webinar links below

Stockguy22 will be hosting a Sunday Charts and Chat session.  This informative session will give you a review of the past week for the Markets as well as a look ahead for the following week. We review the past week move in the markets ( DOW & NASDAQ – $INDU $COMPQ) – We also review oil charts , EURUSD (Euro/USD chart ) , GOLD Chart. There will also be a Q&A session where you can ask stockguy22 to review charts/stocks ( We usually don’t finish all the Questions and chart requests but we’ll try to get in as many as possible) Please join us in for a great analysis webinars, ask questions, and become part of a great trading community. Coffee , Donuts & Refreshments may be provided at that webinar but you can bring your own as long as you share. Don’t forget to set Audio Option to “Mic/Speakers” not “Telephone” Hope to see you there, sit back relax & enjoy some charts past webinars can be found on our site and the favorite section of my twitter account You will be forwarded to past recent webinars once you register Since it will Be Sunday night we’ll be able to see Live Futures Charts like last week Approx. 1-2 hours max Webinar will be taped If you want to hear past recent taped trading webinars click here ( give you an idea what our webinar is like )


We also have other Free Webinars on our site here : Strategies for Trading accounts under $10,000, Options, Trading Plans, Algo Trading , Premium webinars like Taxes for Traders etc. We will be having more advanced charting & fundamental webinars in 2012 so follow on twitter to get updated Let us know if you have problems downloading any of the webinars but first try using a different browser other than Internet Explorer. Try using Safari, GoogleChrome, or Firefox since they work better on our site and its the most common error people have had.  

Click here to register for this Sunday’s webinar 

Hope you learn something new about trading from us, see you Sunday






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