Twitter’s Top 2011 Tweets and Hashtags List

Twitter released the Top 2011 Tweets and Hashtags :

Top Hashtags for 2011 were:

#egypt   – due to the middle east uprisings also known as Arab spring –  link for Middle East Protests 

#tigerblood  – Made famous by @charliesheen  who made a record of over 1million Twitter followers in 24 hours ( now up to over 5.4mill) Charlie Sheen was also the top Celebrity who people tweeted about in 2011 . Another famous hashtag from him : #winning

What is Tiger Blood?  click here to find out 

#McLobster – a rumor that McDonald’s was to roll out a new Lobster sandwhich

#itsFriday – Rebecca Black’s hit YOuTube song  – click if you dare & get some earplugs first (over 32 million hits on YouTube )

#japan – during Japanese 8.9-magnitude earthquake & 30 foot waves from the following tsunami  click here 

#superbowl – no comment here but should be a top tweet & hashtag in 2012 , 2013 etc.

 Top tweets of 2011 around the world were of:

  1. Mubarak’s resignation -some say that Facebook & Twitter (social networking) played a key role in the Arab Spring uprising and we saw how some countries like China will/have blocked these sites to prevent any uprisings.
  2. Raid on Osama bin Laden  – many have forgotten that there was a twitterer @ReallyVirtual  (78k followers now) who accidently tweeted the live raid – Was very exciting evening on twitter . I remember being glued to Twitter that night & was same night Silver started to collapse
  3. Japanese earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster – just an awful reminder of the power of mother nature but also shows us the courage of how the survivors are coping and how the world was quick to lend help.
  4. Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords  – click here for story of Tucson shootings  – good to hear that she is now doing much better
  5. Gaddafi’s death  –  you can call me Ghaddafi or you can call me Ghadafi or..  There are actually 112 ways to spell his name but the dogs & rats (that he so passionately called them in his speeches) finally killed him.
  6. Swine Flu outbreak  – something that we all forgot about since was so long ago.

Full Twitter Tweet/Hashtag 2011 list here broken down by Categories :  click here  

Video of Top 2011 Tweets & Hashtags : click here 

Thought this was interesting — I’ll try to post up a Blog this month on the top stocks of 2011

















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