$AAPL ( Apple ) Cup & Handle Pattern Forming as of Dec 9th , 2011


AAPL Cup and Handle Pattern forming 


check chart below but held well past 4 of 5 sessions over 50day sma

Get your cappuccino ready since this cup & handle formation on Apple chart could take it to $410 + again

I’ve got an alert at $395 but most likely today we will pin into $390 or $395 ( next week will be very important)

Chart below is a comparison of $AAPL to the Nasdaq Chart ( COMPQ /COMPX )

I’m up on $AAPL right now but if pops I’d look to sell swing into 405-410 areas and keep core going to $420+ . If we drop back next week then I may lock up some of my profits if it looks like we will be under that key $390 over 2 day period. For now chart looking good

double click on the chart to see it much clearer in a separate window

Enjoy the analysis , this is the type of charting I share with premium  members for any stocks I trade


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