$AAPL ( Apple Stock ) updated notes/key levels chart for December 15, 2011

AAPL ( Apple Stock) updated notes/key levels chart for December 15, 2011  


AAPL has bounced almost every month in 2011 ( I’ve done extremely well on it the past 3 years)

It has been a bit trickier since the last earnings miss but it is at nice key levels:

I posted an updated chart below with notes and option strategies i’m thinking from here to go with Jan/Feb $410 or $420 calls. I’m considering to scale into lots of 10-25% increments of my total amount.  So rather than add more shares to my current positions which are currently down a bit , would rather take a shot and do call options since my AAPL reads have been pretty good the past year.

As you can see i’m going with a most cautious approach from here assuming AAPL could drift lower and do a similar V-Shaped pattern that we’ve done before but I don’t want to miss it so may start my scale in if we can hold $379-380 today into the afternoon.

Hope you find the notes & previous patterns useful.

They have been very profitable for me this past year on AAPL . Had i done options my percentage hits may have been much better but I may have lost on a few months along the way since easier to hold the stock rather than worry about options expiring.

I plan into 2012 to increase my options exposure to AAPL on extreme moves since key levels tend to work very well overall.  If this works for me into Jan/Feb 2012 then I plan to do more plays like this into Summer & Fall 2012.

Again use money management with your positions & never put too much of your bankroll on one strategy or option trade. The options play I will be doing is the amount of an average sized swing position , so I’d never put my account in jeopardy.

Double click on the chart to see it on a separate page or just click here to enlarge on another screen:







Side note: the cup/handle that had formed into last week failed but so were the markets & many other positions.

I was going to take my swing portion off this past Tuesday to protect profits but wanted to see Wed. action. Unfortunately i was out all day and was not able to get internet action so missed a good sale from Tues.  I’ve held those shares for now & i’m back to slightly down today.

Hope the analysis is helpful,




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