Stockguy22 Level 2 Chart Display

Introducing the Stockguy22 Level 2 chart display.    This indicator displays the Level 2 Order Book for your datafeed.  Chart examples use /TF futures because the ICE provides the full book as far as I can tell.  /ES , /NQ, /YM, and most of the CME / NYBOT only provide around 5-7 deep to retail traders.  Complete garbage if you ask me.


Showing Level 2 data that is way outside the current days range.



Intraday Level 2 with contract amounts.


Download Here: SG22_Level_2


To import:

1. From the Control Center window select the menu File > Utilities > Import NinjaScript to open the Import NinjaScript dialog window
2. Select the file you want to import
3. Press the “Open” button.


To add an indicator to a chart:

1. Open the Indicators window.
2. Left mouse click on the indicator (SG22_Level_2) you want to add and press the New button.

3. The indicator will now be visible in the list of applied indicators.
4. The indicator’s parameters will now be editable on the right side of the Indicators window.


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