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Chart of the Week to review – iRobot Corp ( Nasdaq:IRBT) from Stockguy22

Chart of the Week to review – iRobot Corp ( Nasdaq:IRBT)  from Stockguy22 HOW I TRADE GAP DOWN STOCKS  after consolidation I’ve traded many gap down stocks & someone on twitter ( @StockTrader987 ) asked me about my opinion of

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its Feb 14, 2012 – Happy Valentine’s Day from Stockguy22

  Don’t forget that loved one today ( stop trading today  & spend some of those January /Feb profits ) So far 2012 has been incredible time for profit taking ( definitely getting our share of chocolates)   Happy Valentine’s

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News for February 14 2012

Italy, Spain Cut by Moody’s; U.K. Top Rank at Risk Apple Apps Remain Developers’ Favorite Even as Android Spreads BOJ Adds Stimulus, Sets 1% Inflation Target France to Push on With Trading Tax Hedge Funds Ride European Bank Rally Apple,

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