HealthCare Stocks will benefit from aging population and baby boomers and What are the best healthcare stocks to buy for next 10-20 years




HealthCare Stocks to benefit from aging population /baby boomers

As some of you that have been following me for years know that  I love health stocks  as  longer term investments.  I’ve been building up a portfolio of Healthcare stocks since 2002.

Recently on Feb 11th me and @jdub929  did a Mini Webinar on the Healthcare sector and what stocks  will benefit from the aging population and baby boomers.  The webinar is just over 1 hour long and we review a few of the slides that we will presenting in the Feb 25, 2012 more intensive webinar.

The Aging US population will explode in the next 10-20 years as you can see from this chart below.


So , if you agree with us and want to learn more about Health Stocks than :  Listen to the Taped Webinar of Feb 11th for more slides and commentary on why we’ve been buying Health Stocks as longer term investments:

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If you liked the free webinar then you will love our  Feb 25, 2012 more intensive and detailed webinar.

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If you visit this page after Feb 25th , 2012 than sorry you missedthe webinar  but we will have the webinar taped.

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