What is YELP ticker symbol and when is the YELP IPO ( initial public offering), also YELP ipo price & YELP IPO s1

What is YELP ticker symbol and when is the IPO date ( initial public offering) 

 Updated March 2nd , 2012 9:59 amEST 
YELP has opened well over that $15 level — low was $22 and high was $26   ( as of 10am was $24.65 )
Updated March 1st , 2012 10:45pmEST
— Looks like YELP ipo price will be $15 per share well above the $12-$14 that was projected:
news here: 
Could explain why $ZNGA had a strong run into the close of markets today & was higher after hours tonight ( went as high as $14.62 in afterhours )
watch the other internet IPO’s and possibly the China Internet Plays could get a push tomorrow if the YELP iPO goes well ( $GRPN $LNKD $ZNG A $RENN $YOKU $DANG etc.)
I actually prefer ZNGA business model and stock vs. YELP #ipo tomorrow for a few reasons
1) YELP has not been profitable although there is a lot of excitement into tomorrow’s IPO
2) ZNGA should do well ahead of FACEBOOK #ipo ($FB) – but waiting for any decent drops on ZNGA to trade it
3) ZNGA should continue to do well due to the close partnership with Facebook and as they both grow should explode ZNGA further
4) ZNGA seems good to adapt to new games , and any other income sources should be a great plus for them going forward
In the coming days/weeks will keep watch for dips on some of the other names i mentioned but if that YELP does well expect a bigger push across the board on the internet new #IPO stocks  i mentioned above
Updated: Feb 27th , 2012 1:35pmEST
You can see some info on past IPO’s i’ve traded & the IPO Strategy that seems to work well on these here:  http://sg22.ly/nWpdOp  & here for intraday fib strategies which worked well on YOKU DANG ipos – could work well on YELP : http://sg22.ly/ofyUme 
I’ll do some updated charts on $ZNGA $GRPN $LNKD ( i missed those trades but the pattern was the same) I should not have missed those nice bounces on these 3 since they were easy traders into the drops after the IPO’s
Feb 17th, 2012 post below on YELP
…..also YELP ipo price & YELP IPO s1  & articles



The YELP ticker will be an easy one :  NYSE:YELP  As you can see it will trade on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE 

YELP  IPO date is scheduled for Friday March 2, 2012 

Size of IPO :  as high as $100 Million 

# of shares to issue :  7.5 Million shares

YELP IPO Price of the shares: $12 to $14 

Could give YELP a market cap of over $800 Million

Underwriters for YELP Ipo are : Goldman Sachs ( NYSE:GS) , & Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) also Jefferies,  Allen & Co. & Oppenheimer & Co.

The YELP IPO S1 prospectus can be found at the SEC site  here : http://sg22.ly/wDqhXo     


Some info from the prospectus below:

  • Yelp  had more than 22 million reviews on our platform as of September 30, 2011, up 66% from the prior year.

  • Yelp had approximately 61 million unique visitors on a monthly average basis for the quarter ended September 30, 2011, up 63% from the same period in the prior year
  • Yelp  had approximately 529,000 claimed business locations as of September 30, 2011, up 114% from the prior year.
  • Yelp recognized revenue from approximately 19,000 active local business accounts for the quarter ended September 30, 2011, up 75% from the same period in the prior year.
  • YELP revenue is primarily from the sale of advertising on our website to local businesses and national brands that seek to reach our growing audience of consumers. 
  • In the first nine months of 2011, we generated $58.4 million in net revenue, representing 80% growth over the first nine months of 2010. 
  • In this same period, we generated a net loss of $7.6 million and an adjusted EBITDA loss of $1.1 million.
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More about YELP and what they do at their website at :http://www.yelp.com/about
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