adding $SPY 555 weekly calls at 1.40 oversized

/b adding $SPY 555 weekly calls at 1.40 oversized I see the opening gap cover as a buying opportunity for think $AAPL should move to 540 before the iPad event at 1pm eastern bringing up the stake to a 2x oversized stake. The intraday target if we move towards 540s is 3.00 on these 555 calls were I would exit both todays and yesterdays positions. If we see such a move as the one I am expecting then we should also see big premium spike on the 550 weekly calls that we bought at .95 and that are now 2.10 but hit 3.35 at open. my target on those is 4.50 area if we get that move. Big smiles on $AAPL strategy we made dinero on the way down, we locked it in timely then reversed the strategy bullishly timely $-) big big smiles. Remember the premium is huge and after the event the premium should disappear hence why I wish to mainly only hold the iron condor short on further out calls and puts into the event many with just a little bit of 550s if were around 400% profit many 1/4 for free.

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