What stocks will benefit from Hunger Games movie? – HAS MAT LGF SCHL AMZN & IMAX charts

What stocks will benefit from Hunger Games movie? – HAS MAT LGF SCHL AMZN & IMAX Charts 

Update March 26th , 2012

Hunger Games makes $155 Million opening weekend at Box Office

and $214.25 Million Worldwide according to Box Office Mojo

Debuted above all the Twilight movies but slightly below Dark Knight & Harry Potter part 2

which did $158 +Mill & $169 +Million respectfully.





Update: March 23rd , 2012

Sneak Peak on initial Hunger Games :

Hunger Games smashes Midnight Showing ..made $19.75 Million ( in comparison Batman : The Dark Knight in 2008 did $18.5 Million in Midnight Showing Box Office)



March 22, 2012

We  had a discussion in chat this morning about what Stocks would benefit from a strong Hunger Games opening weekend. The excitement reminds me of Jan 2010 when Avatar came out & became such a big blockbuster. I didn’t start trading IMAX till after the Avatar movie release & did fantastic on the stock & have recovered well on my longer term IMAX holdings .

Hunger Games is expected to have approx $100-$120Million expected Box Office opening weekend.


Hunger Games has been compared to Harry Potter & Twilight and since it will be a trilogy and due to the success of the books all eyes will be on how what ticket sales will be.

Recently Disney had the flop of John Carter in what is expected to be a $200Million+ write off for them but Hunger Games is expected to do well.

I think if it does closer to $150 Million then could get some more excitement in the stocks that are directly tied to it like.

For example the LGF chart which has almost doubled since January from $8 – $16

1) LGF Lionsgate – the Movie distributor

2)IMAX – Imax Corporation – the 3D theatre chain

3) SCHL – Scholastic Corporation – the publisher of Hunger Games

4) MAT – Mattel Inc. – the Toy company which will benefit from the Hunger Games products

5) HAS – Hasbro Inc.- Games company which will also benefit from Hunger Games

6) AMZN – Amazon Inc. – largest book retailer that will benefit from the Hunger Games books

I’ve posted charts below :

You can see the notes I posted on each charts as well benefits & disadvantages of each one.

I posted some key levels to watch on the 6 stocks . I’d prefer LGF and or IMAX ( since i already own IMAX I won’t be trading it but if pushes higher would not mind to lock up profits into $30+)

If you are more conservative and prefer safety stick to HAS or MAT since they are nice charts and also pay a nice dividend so if pulled back you can add more and will get paid to wait for a push back up.

SCHL & AMZN will be the tougher ones to trade

SCHL due to the lighter volume & lower risk/reward then the others

AMZN tougher to to other factors that i posted on chart as well as low risk/reward initially

double click on each chart to see the notes in detail on a separate page:









LGF Chart








IMAX chart







MAT chart








HAS Chart








AMZN Chart







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