Apple ( nasdaq:aapl) Chart Analysis & key levels we were watching past few days for April 16/17th 2012



As you know I was buying AAPL on the recent dip along with adding some advanced options trades:

Here is an AAPL chart that shows the key levels we were watching yesterday ( Monday April 16th )

Really glad i was able to buy more under $600 yesterday – My entries yesterday were : $588.03 , $588.55, $588.47 ( added to both core & swing positions)  –Members received my entries in real time yesterday

click Charts only once to make them bigger & easier to read

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We were watching key supports of $568 to close the March gap & further down to the 20day sma which would have been $559+ area


This next chart is for the action today : As you can see an excellent bullish candle forming & we are nicely over $600 already













One more 5min $AAPL chart that we were watching very closely into the premarket action & after the open:

Thought once broke thru that key $585 to the upside that it could gain momentum ( that’s when we added the $605’s call options )

then shorted the $585’s puts once we broke thru $590 on $AAPL to upside ( so great timing today & helps offset last week’s losses on SPY & AAPL butterfly option trades)











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