Do you need a Trading Mentor and How to get 1 hour Free Mentoring with @stockguy22 ?

Do you need a Trading Mentor and How to get 1 hour Free Mentoring with @stockguy22 ?

I can’t believe I’ve been on twitter for over 3 years since  Aug 8th , 2009. Some of you may have been following me for 1 day or a full 3 years but I’m so great full to see that in such a short time my twitter followers have grown to over 50,000 traders and spam bots.

I’m not sure how  @jimmyfallon is my Godfather but he’s pretty funny so I didn’t mind and made me laugh to actually see that.


I did my very first trade in 1985 when I was just a student, so I’ve had experience as both a part time and full time trader as well as both a day and swing trader in the past 27 years.  I’ve been fortunate to have done very well over the years  in trading and business and have been even luckier to have had a few key positive mentors in my life that fast tracked my learning curve.

Do Trading Mentors actually Help?

The answer of course is Mentors are essential to SUCCESS especially in the trading sector.  Great Trading Mentors can offer input, advice and guidance since they’ve taken a similar road to get there. You don’t achieve success from the start, that type of success is called luck , and to succeed to a higher level regardless if its with family, health, business, career, sports or trading a mentor offers valuable advice that can be used over your entire life/career.

Last year I offered mentoring to only premium members of our community but this year I decided to open up 5 FREE slots of 1 hour 1 on 1 time with me to anyone following me on twitter or Facebook.  ( and YES for FREE ).


So what’s the catch and how do you get the Free Trading Mentorship with Stockguy22?

Well there is no catch.  If you followed me long enough you’ll understand I enjoy helping/answering tweets and long time members of our group (that know me well) will tell you that trading is truly a  passion for me and I’m consistently sharing charts/trades & ideas through our chatroom and/or private feed. I’m so fortunate to have achieved so much and that’s why I don’t mind to give back to those that otherwise cannot  afford or have no one to mentor them in trading.  I’ve also found over the years that what I give away for free comes back to me many times over in compliments, business relationships and new friends.  I feel that all successful people should become mentors to others so that younger or less experienced traders can get up that ladder of success a bit quicker. I’m totally against cutting corners or using illegal ways to get there. I can tell you from experience those people only achieve temporary success and they fall off that ladder very quickly.

So, Just send a message with the heading “Free Trading Mentorship”  here  . Hint: try to type out why you want me to take the time to help you.  If you already submitted an email you don’t have to send another message but you can if you didn’t fill in any commentary.

If you are a premium member and have never had a 1 on 1 mentor session with me just log into your account and click HelpDesk and you will get a ticket. Premium members will get first pick at available dates just to be fair.

I will contact the lucky Free 5 people this weekend and we’ll set up a time and date. (preferably after market hours in the first 2 weeks of May). We will chat  either on Skype, GotoMeeting or phone ( you decide what you are most comfortable with).

The mentor session is unique since its specific to your own needs :

Suggested Topics are : Trading Plan, Charting , Psychology of Trading, Fundamental Analysis, Analyzing or Charting your individual trades.

So don’t worry if you are just a student with $500-$1,000 or a seasoned trader that does this for a living. You will get some valuable advice and guidance during the session or you can pick my brain on business for that 1 hour.  If you have a passion to learn than you will have a mentor that is willing to help you.

Tonight I was reviewing the many DM’s and emails I received the past few weeks and enjoyed some of the commentary already.

So if you are serious and need a MENTOR, I’m offering some of my time to you for free.  The next step is up to you.

Winners will be contacted this coming weekend.

Good Luck & hope to talk to you soon,







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