Afterhours Trading and Stock Movers for May 10th, 2012

Afterhours Trading and Stock Movers for May 10th, 2012



JPM ( JP Morgan )  bullish plays  &  other banks /bullish ETFs down:

Stocks down in afterhours  are: JPM GS MS C BAC WFC STD KEY PEIX GSVC ALR JWN NUAN PLX RF CA FAS XLF XIV & many other major stocks down a bit with the futures drop into 5pmEST 


Biotech stocks  and bearish ETFs  up :

Stocks up in afterhours trading: OREX MDR ARNA CTIC TVIX  VXX FAZ TZA UVXY 


Looks like it may be a weaker Friday open , but futures seem to be off lows and have based into 10pmEST

Could see another move on Futures into 2amEST and 4amEST Friday as Asian & European markets open & dissect the erlier JPM news.

JPM was down due to unexpected trading losses of $2Billion which has put pressure a/h on the Futures & the other big investment banks like GS MS C BAC WFC  – Why is JPM JP Morgan down after hours? Full Story here:

If you want to see the FREE live Futures charts  tonight & Friday morning just log in here free:

If you have an #iPad you can also log in with the Free Gotomeeting App. Just use Webinar ID # 930-943-721 If you are checking this anotherthan May 10th/May 11th, 2012 and it says Webinar is over just shoot me a message on twitter and ask me for most current Live link since webinar has to be updated to new link





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