TSX Stock Scan ( Toronto Stock Exchange ) Monthly-Gainers-Losers-NewHighs-NewLows

TSX Stock Scan ( Toronto Stock Exchange ) Monthly-Gainers-Losers-NewHighs-NewLows-CanadianETFs


Thought I’d do an updated scan for the Canadian Traders for the TSX :

Scans below for TSX stocks are the Top Monthly Percentage Gainers and  Top Monthly Percentage Losers 

I highlighted the 2nd half from #57 on since the list was quite long. As you can see since TSX has had a tough month there have been many 20% + % losers the past Month and very few 20% + gainers

Hope you find the lists below helpful. I’ll try to hightlight later which ones were looking like good setups as breakouts or support for long plays again. Click to open in a bigger window







































TSX New Yearly Highs , TSX New Yearly Lows 






























Scans for ETF Monthly Percentage Gainers & Monthly Percentage Losers

Most of the movers below are the Horizon Beta ETF’s .. as you can see Gold Bear was biggest gainer & GOLD Bull was biggest % loser


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