2012 IRA Sohn Conference and Recap of 2011 Stocks mentioned


What is the Ira Sohn Conference ?  If you click the links below  you will learn more about it

I use the stocks as a good gauge of what stocks to consider into the next year..  I don’t trade them all but pick and choose:

Last year I made good money on YHOO FDO GS .. still own BAC but had added more of the major 2011 dips so have a great average ( although that was a short recommendation thought it got beat up too much – almost locked up my profits near $10 area but didn’t )

RECAP for 2013: did make some great money again on YHOO , traded FDO multiple times but sold GS , BAC , JEF , JPM all too soon but no regrets. Having a fantastic 2013 of trading 3D printers DDD SSYS , online gambling CZR BYD , content media co’s DWA DIS , Casinos MGM , Home builders TOL PHM , Sequester Stocks & Drone stocks BAH  & AVAV also early in year had some great profits on TSLA , DECK , LULU, CMI and DE –been great start to the year.

Here is 2011  Recap of the Best & Worst stocks  Pricing was as of today , 1pmEST May 16th , 2012 ( almost a full year) 

Was pretty flat overall — I based hypothetical $1k entries as of the closing prices of May 25th , 2011 ( does not include any dividends )

re: $YHOO the long position was closed out not long after the Conference but i left it on the list since I still owned but I’m all out of YHOO positions (was a great trader multiple times) :

Best 5 IRA SOHN 2011 Stock Performers were the shorts on : 

FSLR 87.94%  ( short play )

VWDRY 77.53%  ( short play )

XTXi  40.55%  ( long play )

BAC 36.56% ( short play )

BBBY 33.20% ( long Play )

Worst 5 IRA SOHN 2011 Stock Performers were : 

YPF  -71.34% ( long )

S   -58.01% ( long )

HOGS -35.81% ( long )

GS -26.28% ( long )

WAG -25.57% ( long )

click to make the full list on separate page , then click again to make it bigger – This is a recap for 2011 Ira Sohn Stocks Mentioned


Ira Sohn Recap for 2011 Stocks – by Stockguy22

I’ve done recaps of Ira Sohn stocks the past few years on twitter ( prior to that I’d follow the stocks since had a decent track record)

2010 Stocks Mentioned and notes here:   http://stockguy22.com/2011/05/25/what-is-the-ira-sohn-conference/

2011 Stocks Mentioned and notes here:  http://stockguy22.com/2011/05/26/stocksspeakers-quotes-from-todays-2011-ira-sohn-conference/



I’ll try to update by day’s end the 2012 IRA SoHN Stock Mentioned this year:











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