Monkey trades in the woods …..


As promised – Monkey trades analysis.

5 min chart magic – no indicators just a chart

TF 5 min breakout bar strategy – 5-10 points possible


Not bad on the Russell, I ended up with 1.1 points, I shorted both YM and TF after the first 5 min bar closed.  Wasn’t impressed with the move down  and was answering emails.  $550 ..  Potential was over $1k per contract …. so 5k-10k for me … part of the problem of having a site to take care of I guess … good excuse anyway :D

Missed the rip up but talked about it in the chat a few times.  We look to for support at the previous days lows. Always a good risk versus reward usually.


YM was a little better for me , 5 min break out trade


I held YM a little longer than TF it felt like, nice potential .. 25 points for me for $625

Again didn’t buy the dip like a turd.

Simple trading strategy with no indicators.

My other trade was /CL  long this AM +$2k  – probably the reason I wasn’t attentive to buying the dip on indexes.  Still long SCO puts.  And LONG DEC 640 AAPL CALLS – this is a nice amount of capital that if we get over $700 again will be a massive win – not my usual risk averse play though.  I’m willing to risk half at most.

My analysis from last night being bearish but at near term support levels seems to be somewhat coherent.  840 TF still the level to watch and YM 13450-ish.  We did break over some of those trends I eyeballed last night, opex friday and some Euro news should push us up.

Some economic data tomorrow and Fisher speaks at one, so probably a move into those numbers then dead slow earlier than normal.

Play it like you see it and don’t worry about the rest.

Personal Income and Outlays – 8:30 AM ET

Chicago PMI – 9:45 AM ET

Consumer Sentiment – 9:55 AM ET

Richard Fisher Speaks – 1:00 PM ET


Have a good night.



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