Dealing with online Twitter / Facebook Haters

How to deal with Online Twitter or Facebook Haters:

I was thinking how best to answer someone that personally attacks people online.

I never have a problem when an attack is business related but when it gets personal that is a fine line for me.

I don’t cross it with others and I don’t like when others cross it with me. I’ve been fortunate over the years to have done very well in business, real estate and trading.

This has allowed me the opportunity to retire at a young age and provide a good lifestyle for my family but business and money is just one part of it for me. Family is more  important , and I’m also glad to say, I’ve been married to the same woman for almost 20 years. Like business, you go through many ups/downs but what counts to me is that I outlasted many in both business and family success and that the people closest to you support and inspire you to do better.

So where do I lack? probably has to be health side since I have a higher than normal cholesterol count ( which I lowered this past year, so things can’t always be perfect in life). I’m sure my wife may also tell you that I snore so I’m still trying to find that perfect “stop-snore” product without having to wear a darth vader mask.

To have dealt with so many types of people in business I developed a tough skin so haters don’t have a big impact on me and I never lose sleep over things they say.

In business I had to deal with haters (even family members) that would give me a hard time when I started my first business.

They`d say things like ” you could have had that great job with benefits and a company car. You are so dumb to not have taken that.”  or “why are you taking a chance on a business that could lose money or why do you risk your money on stocks “. Surprisingly when you do succeed those same people will tell you they knew you would always make it.

I had to really question if I was doing the right thing especially when one of my first businesses was initially struggling and I could not even take out enough money to pay all my bills.

It really takes so much dedication, determination, some luck and a strong state of mind that is hard for most to understand to really become successful not just in business but applied to my life as I began to trade stocks. I surround myself with business people and traders that I consider much smarter than me but we help each other and have some amazing conversations that have impacted me greatly. 

Once I became successful, and by that I mean I could retire and not rely on any other income whatsoever, those same family members would say I did the right thing and to be glad that I didn’t get stuck in a dead-end job. How crazy is that for you? Some of those same friends and family members were also the ones now asking me for short term loans or asking for advice.

In trading it’s no different — you have success and some hater/basher will come out on twitter and facebook and say but you got lucky or tell “but you are down or lost on $XYZ  stock” . – It’s the same story over and over with haters and bashers. You will also find that these people rarely have a following except for other haters/bashers and they NEVER NEVER post as much detailed info as the ones they are attacking. They love to attack but not to be attacked.

Its like those same negative family members that have never started a business but can tell you all the problems with having one.

They fail to see the entire picture that success also comes with failures and what is important is the end game.

The worst thing I’ve found in dealing with people like that is that no matter what you tell them, you will never win arguments with them and if you give them too much attention you will neglect things that are more important.

I’ve developed such a large following online by being one of the most open traders online:  honest about my trades entries/exits. I  was also one of the first traders online to actually post screenshots , sharing strategies that have worked and sharing stories of my past businesses with traders in our group.

I’m proud to have developed a great rapport with many new traders as well as top traders that I respect.

I posted a message a few years ago on this same topic but i think applies well here too.

Here are my thoughts on understanding & dealing with haters:

First why are people haters whether online or in the real world?
1) They are usually jealous of what you are doing.
2) You are having a positive impact on others and they don’t like that & will do what it takes to knock you down.
3) They want attention so go they go after people with an audience to give that to them.
4) They tend to attract other haters and staying away from them is definitely more positive.
5) They want to rattle you so a personal attack should work ( for me it doesn’t since i’m confident in what i’ve achieved in life)
6) Their personal life is usually in shambles or have little/no successes of their own.
7) The internet has made it easier for people to be bullies, haters and to say things that they would never say to your face
    ( much easier to hide behind an ID that they can change over and over again)

So how do I deal with and avoid haters?

1) Do Nothing, Say Nothing & Post Nothing and you will have no haters (Not my way but the easy way out)
2) Continue to do what has worked for you and go on with your life, business or trading ( I prefer this method since has worked well for me well over the years)
Haters actually have 1 good purpose. By having haters, it tells you that you are on the right path but only if the people you are positively affecting outnumber the tiny haters.
Hope you found this helpful , and if you do feel free to pass on the link.
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