Stockguy22 Private Feed Live Trades- Recent Trade $XCO notes and charts

Friday Nov 16th Update

I will update the recent YHOO stock I sold this week, it was a longer term swing I’ll post the charts members got on it this weekend for those non-members that are interested how i analyzed it & made over $31,517.20

avg on YHOO % ‘s were 17.52% , 23.44 % on core/swing ( 12.69% 12.91% 19.07% 19.53% 23.76% 23.94% 9.66% 23.33% 23.06%..

RECAP for this week : MY Best Week of the YEAR — $68,933 on $AAPL options , $31,517.20 $YHOO & -$1,088 $IWM loss = $99,362.20 EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!!!

all trades posted in real time for members in both the private feed and for options in our Option Room


Thanks for your interest in the Stockguy22 Private Feed

What do members actually get on the Stockguy22 Private Feed ?

Below are screen shots of the members-only Private Feed that Stockguy22 uses to share live trades (buys/sells/charts , notes w/suggested targets & stops)

Here is a recent example of a trade from Halloween ( Oct 31st) that was sold on Nov 5th for a quick 6.24% avg  ( was very easy trade)

Below is the actual screen shot from the private feed ( all time stamped ) along with the corresponding chart the day of the buy and the day of the sell.

Some traders in the group have the feed go directly to their iPhone /Android phones so they get the info in real time even if they are not near their computer.

CHART the DAY of the XCO buy w/detailed notes and Risk-Reward Analysis

click to make larger & chart will open in a new window/tab (link from chart in the private feed)

XCO Chart Analysis by Stockguy22 & Trade



 Private Feed Screen Shot : 

click to make larger & this will open in a new window/tab

Stockguy22 Private Feed Screen Shot
















Chart the Day we Sold XCO for a quick 6.24% which was in between our target range 

click to make larger & chart will open in a new window/tab ( link from chart in the privateFeed)

XCO Chart Analysis by Stockguy22

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