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There is still a lot of uncertainty with the debt deal in washington and with the US having lack luster growth with the rest of the world. I would recommend putting together a list of dividend names and other stocks you might want to buy if we go into a recession due to tax increases and reductions in government spending.

We saw what austerity did to the EU, do we have much reason to think it will have a different effect here?

There will be opportunities, so now is the time to make a list and check it twice or thrice … or more.

Here are some ideas from the Stockguy22 Scans & Tools.  It’s available real-time and at the end of every day.

The Scans & Tools subscription is included with most memberships and is available separately for $99/year.  It’s a good deal and covers the options profiler, social media search, and trade alerts.

We are adding other trading tools to it this year, like pivots, correlations, and things that I use personally in my trading.


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I like a potential break out on debt deal with continuation.  Energy from waste is also a good sector to be in, though in the short term cheap natural gas might slow it.  CVA pays a 0.15 dividend.




Offshore oil and gas drilling support provider. An 0.18 dividend and an interesting sector to be in.




Not a nig fan of retail clothing – but worth a try into the 200 day I think.




Housing recovery play – HD believes in them.  Chart is strong and looks ready for a leg up on a breakout.




Offshore drilling, volatile to say the least, HERO acquired some assets from DO in March 2012.  HERO is the cheap play – this is the dividend play.  Pays $0.75 dividend.  Is it risky? Yes.  Backlash from BP spill and other spills, but on thing is for sure, the black gold must flow.



Risky but a lot fo people are short and this could get ugly for them over $40.  SBUX, competition and k-cup patent expired. My wife spends $100 a month on this stuff, better than $100 a week at SBUX.

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