Stockguy22 Bull and Bear Report


I wanted to share one of our newest ideas to help traders that want to learn from me and other top traders from the Stockguy22 Group. I speak to these traders regularly and have learned so much from them that I wanted to share that knowledge with you.

We bounced the idea around of doing a combined newsletter of our Trading Ideas and Strategies that we use each week. Our trading styles may be different but the ideas shared will be ones that you will truly use and learn from each week.

We came up with …..

What you will receive:

  • Weekly comprehensive newsletter.
  • Strategies on options, futures, and stocks that you can apply right away. 
  • Weekly Tymora tradeScan results for valuable trades.
  • Access to Stockguy22 Scans & Tools. ($99/year value)
  • Trade Ideas for stocks, ETFs, and futures.
  • Trade Recaps and Trade Reviews.
  • Sector Analysis using SPDR ETFs.
  • Intra-week updates and trade alerts.

We’ve already sent out a few newsletters to select long term members.

click here to DOWNLOAD your free copy , It will download from your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android.

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Still not sure?

Email us & we’ll get you access to the past 5 weekly issues,  and review all the valuable information you’ve been missing.



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