2013 Super Bowl Commercial Stocks – Best-Worst Performing Stocks Year to Date & 12 Month

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2013 Super Bowl Commercial Stocks – Best and Worst Performing Stocks Year to Date & 12 Month Percentages %


Stockguy22 Super Bowl Stocks

 Happy Super Bowl Sunday



Heading out to a Super Bowl Party but thought I’d put together a list of some of the Stocks that are having commercials air at this year’s Superbowl. I also added CBS CMCSA and GE which also benefit from the ad revenues.

I put a list of those that trade in the US markets below into 2 categories  :

12 Month % Price Return  &

Year To Date ( YTD ) Return 

The Best 12 Month % Return for the SuperBowl Stocks was surprisingly SKX ( Skechers) 44.03% 

The Worst 12 Month % Return for the SuperBowl Stocks was BBY ( Best Buy Inc) -32.48% 

The Best Year to Date % Return for the SuperBowl Stocks was BBY (Best Buy Inc) + 35.95%  —   it is trying to redeem itself on buyout rumors of the founder trying to buy his former company and take it private 

The Worst Year to Date % Return for the SuperBowl Stocks was GM (General Motors ) – 2.28%  which is not so bad since made a good recovery off the lows. 


How much does it cost to run an Ad (commercial ) during Superbowl ?

At this years 2013 Superbowl the cost to run just a 30 second commercial is an amazing $3.8 Million

What companies that run commercials during Super Bowl are public stocks? 

There are a few overseas traders like Mercedes (DE:DAI) , Volkswagen ( DE:VOW) & Unilever ( UK:ULVR)

The main stocks I Posted are below tha trade on US Markets :

BBY : Best Buy 

ETFC :Etrade

PG: Proctor & Gamble Co.


SODA : Sodastream International Ltd

RIMM : Research in Motion Ltd  – Which will soon change ticker & co. name to ticker BBRY : BlackBerry

DIS : Walt Disney Co.

GE: General Electric Co.

PEP : Pepsico Inc.

BUD: Anheuser Busch Inbev

TM : Toyota Motor Corp

HMC : Honda Motor Ltd.

KO : Coca Cola Co.

CMCSA : Comcast Corp

PZZA : Papa Johns International Inc.

KRFT : Kraft Foods Group Inc.

SKX : Skechers USA Inc

YUM : YUM Brands

GM : General Motors

I Love to watch the Super Bowl Commercials ,  Here’s a link / A few really good ones http://sg22.ly/WKdw6G

Happy Super Bowl Sunday from Stockguy22

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Best 12 Month Performing Stocks 2013 Super Bowl Commercial


Best Year To Date % Stock gainers for 2013 Super Bowl Ads

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