What stocks are moving tonight #Afterhours for Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Afterhours Stock Movers and Earnings

What Stocks are moving tonight after hours  for Feb 20th, 2013


Mostly down action tonight afterhours:


Earnings plays Down are:

TSLA : TESLA .. down to $35.75  from a $38.54 close http://money.cnn.com/2013/02/20/autos/tesla-earnings/  posts losses but sees profits in sight

SAM: BOSTON BEER INC: down to $149 from $152.94 close on earnings miss

WLT: WALTER ENERGY : down to $35 from a $36.76 close – reports loss on lower coal prices

PAY: VERIFONE  : missed huge on earnings and big drop to sub $22 a/h  from a $31.89 close

PPO : POLYPORE INTL : went as low as $36.50 back up to $37.95 but down from a $39.95 close on miss on Revenues

CAKE : Cheesecake Factory : went as low as $31.55 a/h bounced back to $32.50 but still down from the $33.10 close

CROX : Crocs Inc. : went as low as $14 now $14.25 a/h  but down from a $14.61 close : beats on Revenues but guides in-line

Earnings Plays Up are:

SNPS : SYNOPSYS INC: – went as high as $36.97 & now $35.99 from a $34.79 close both earnings & revenue topped consensus

PEGA: PEGASYSTEMS  : up to $30.09 from a $25.33 close : beats on Revenues and guides above consensus


other movers DOWN

RDC: ROWAN COMPANIES – dropped to $35.40 from $35.69 close but light volume & could be just on oil drop today since no other news I saw

KMP : KINDER MORGAN ENERGY – dropeed to $86.29 from $88.20 close : filed an 8-K public offering of 4 million shares


click this link to see all news for these stocks:




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