What did they talk about today at the Apple Shareholders Meeting? AAPL Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

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Rotten AAPL stock

AAPL stock has been a bit rotten & wormy since Sept 2012

What did Tim Cook talk about today at the Apple Shareholders Meeting? AAPL Wednesday Feb 27, 2013


For those interested in the Live Apple Shareholder Meeting today if you want to review later

Good AAPL Live Blog on Reuters with commentary –http://t.co/TkdUl1vmc5 AppleShareholderMeeting

I posted some highlights with the hashtag #appleShareholderMeeting that you can see here:


  • such Key comments as :
  • Tim Cook feels shareholder’s pain & urges long term focus  – http://sg22.ly/YA46wn  Maybe pain coming from sitting on all that cash?
  •  Apple CEO Tim Cook says knows shareholders “disappointed” by share price. $AAPL
  • Apple CEO Cook says looking and “working on” new products $AAPL #appleShareholderMeeting #iwatch or #AppleTV ?
  • Tim Cook gets 99.1% investor approval for re-election 
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook: New campus plans “slightly” delayed to 2016 (was 2015 ) $AAPL – looks like a spaceship 
  • here is the February 2013 Apple Shareholders Proxy / or Stuff they had to vote on http://t.co/4UUor32dpb
  • may feel pressure to address an increase in dividend due to recent lawsuit by #Einhorn 
  • Cook introduced Al Gore as “The inventor of the Internet” for laughs 
  • Thought this was funny from #AppleShareholderMeeting : Shareholders in overflow rooms will submit questions via #iPad



What happened to AAPL Apple Stock  during The Apple Shareholders Meeting 2013 today ?


For the most part AAPL didn’t move much – went as high as 452.44 and as low as $440.65. The key points I took from this is that only way AAPL will move from here is some major news


My comments below of what major news could help AAPL stock:

1)Dividend increase due to Einhorn pressure but then may just become a dividend longer term play but could attract new investors. Einhorn estimated that releasing more money could unlock as much as $150 in stock movement. That would take the stock back towards $600 and those of us holding AAPL shares would definitely welcome and be happy with that

2) They use more of that huge pile of cash ( currently $137 billion & expected to grow by $40 Billion more each year )  to rebuy more shares than what they have already committed to. I think would be good to see a combo of dividend and share buyback.

3) Clear news of the new products that Cook said they are “working on” – hopefully that is the new AAPL TV since could be much bigger longer term impact on sales/profits especially with that changing internet TV industry. Apple definitely has more than enough cash on hand to try and secure some exclusive TV content, they could buy NFLX , they could develop their own content so the slate is clear for them to do what the want. I’m sure the integration with a new AppleTV and existing products would be excellent and would attract people like me to commit another $1,000 -$1,500 to Apple going forward.

4) Use that money to buy existing company in Cloud or internet TV , movie or TV content providers etc. & really try to develop a foot hold in that TV industry.

5) There has been talk of that apple iWatch, which for $100 don’t think is a big game changer. Here is patent on a potential Iwatch  http://stockguy22.com/2013/02/21/apple-patent-app-describes-flexible-wearable-watch-like-amoled-device-iwatch/

6) some other news that would come out of left field a this point. I was discussing with other AAPL traders that could be something that could compete with GoogleGlass which won’t hit market till 2014 but we will see plenty of demos with the people that will get approved to buy those $1,500 units.  I think these are great for sports enthusiasts, people with Youtube channels but initially its not a product that would interest me or many baby boomers. Also until prices coming down in the following years it will be tougher to get the younger population to expect to pay out that much on googleglasses.  If they do become popular the issue of privacy and who/when can someone video tape or take a picture of you. Or we will just become immune like we are today that we are video taped round the clock when we go outside by many random cameras each day at ATM’s , traffic cameras,  businesses, schools, and people’s phones. Also will driving with them create some new laws or we will have to see a bunch of accidents before they are regulated. Too early to tell but if Apple does do something like a googleglass or IGlass hopefully its different then what google is planning.

We can make more guesses but at the current time AAPL been flat the few months and its rangebound will continue till we see some dramatic news.

I want to position with some options going forward since I think news is overdue and when it happens should help stock bounce back first to $490-$500 and then to that key $575-600 areas again.

I’m a shareholder and user of AAPL products – appleTV, iMac, iphone, ipad, ( ipadMini  I don’t own this or like it but my wife has one) I think this looks like an iPhone on steroids but I have spoken to some people who have told me the smaller size is great for doctors to put in those big pockets they have ( which made alot of sense with the growing health sector).

I can’t see myself committing more money besides the recent Iphone5 purchases I made.

Personally, I would not purchase an Iwatch but I know I would consider buying an  AppleTV in the next year or two.  I’m sure many apple customers must feel the same as I do.

Hopefully Tim Cook announces that this year since many diehard Apple fans would gladly spend more  money on an AppleTV and the movie/TV show downloads would be excellent source of other income if set up correctly with exclusive content. Then they can try to help revolutionize internet TVand have a big impact like they did with music.

or Why doesn’t Apple hire someone like Pranav Mistry ?

Check this youtube video of this amazing Tech inventor from MIT

We could be reading newspapers like Harry Potter & other amazing inventions he’s come up with.

click charts below to see them larger and easier to read


live AAPL 5minute chart



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hopefully the blog above helped answer some of these apple AAPL questions for you:

what happened at AAPL meeting?

what happened at AAPL shareholder meeting?

what happened at Apple shareholder meeting?

what happened at Apple meeting?

When is AAPL meeting?

When is Apple meeting ?

When was AAPL meeting?

When was AAPL shareowner meeting?

When was Apple shareowner meeting?

What happened at Apple shareowner meeting?

Apple ( AAPL ) Shareholders Meeting Agenda 2013

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