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1/27/13 edition

GRPN – March 5.5 calls entered anywhere from .60-.45, got as high as .95! March 5.5/7 call vertical could have netted you anywhere from 50-82% gains

2/4/13 edition

IDX – hit 1st 2 targets for a 7.4% gain (89% Annualized!)!

MA – 535/545 bear call spread sold for 1.80. Expired worthless for 100% gain!

2/10/13 edition

IOC – Entry at 62.22-61.31. Got as high as 73.77 within 3 trading days. That’s a 20% return in 2 days compared to a max drawdown of 2.1%!!

ZS_F Soybean Futures Calendar Spread (+ZSH3 -ZSK3) – Entry at 15.75 and it got as high as 22. Even if you exited 2 ticks below max at 21.5, that’s a 5.75 pt or $287.50 gain per spread ($50/pt).  That’s a 57.5% return on margin (typical $500 margin per spread).

2/24/13 edition

GLD 157 Call Calendar hit 40-55% gains in 3 days!

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