Cyprus Bank Run for Charity


Welcome to the 1st Annual Charity Bank Run hosted by the IMF, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Events.

All proceeds will go to the bankers that so need the liquidity.

Where: Cyprus on March 18-19th, 2013.

Entry Fee: 9.9% or 6.5%

If you have deposits at any banks in Cyprus, you are already registered and entry fee will be deducted from your account automatically.

Course Information:

The course will take you from the beautiful beach of Aphrodite’s birth to the peak of Chionistra, where you can take a rest at the temple. Every 1/4 mile along the path will be an ATM, runners can attempt to use it to fully participate in the day’s fun.

You can meet with other Bank Runners after the run at the Tent of the LTRO and drink of the free waters, then you can circle OMT Arena for a cool down lap.


Aphrodite’s rock


This is a special event for Members.  So sign up now and ask us how to participate.


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