North Korea odds of going to war ?

North Korea odds of going to war with South Korea and US?

Update: April 4th, 2013 : 

intercepted communications indicate NorthKorea may be planning missile launch in coming days or weeks 

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If you read below they have done some type of Military action within 14 weeks of each South Korean Presidential election which would happen before June 3rd ,2013. Well from what we are reading the US doesn’t plan to just sit back as in past actions. Guess we will see but more info below from the March blog post I did.


Technically they are  now at war :

The 29 year old  Kim Jong Un has recently ended the 60 year cease fire with South Korea and I was reading that since 1992 some type of military action has occurred within 14 weeks of every South Korean presidential election .  Is this guy posturing and trying to look tough for the US and his own generals or is he crazy enough to actually to try something?

Victor Cha, director of Asian Studies at Georgetown University and former director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council, told CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” that North Korea has carried out some sort of military provocation within 14 weeks of every South Korean presidential inauguration since 1992. South Korean President Park Geun-hye took office on February 25, “so start the clock,” he said.

Guess we will know soon enough.

north korea kim jong un war

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Recent Propaganda films by North Korea show both the US Capitol blown up and White House in the cross-hairs.

North Korea – US Capitol blown up


North Korea – US white house in crosshairs

Video below fast forward to 2:50 — the commentator in the video sounds pretty calm and rational and that they are ready to sit down and chat. North Korea is like the short tough guy in school that wants to beat everyone up. Come to think of it Kim Jong Un may just have that “Supreme Leader Short Man Syndrome” – if I was typing this in North Korea wording like this could get me years in a hard labor camp.

 Guess all our hope and prayers may just rest with Dennis Rodman. – I hear he is going to vacation with Kim Jong Un this summer. On Jay Leno recently Dennis Rodman said Kim Jong Un asked him to tell President Obama to call him.

Thought this was funny…. Secretary of State John Kerry was asked about that recent visit by Rodman to North Korea:

“Dennis Rodman was a great basketball player,“And as a diplomat, he is a great basketball player. And that’s where we’ll leave it.”

North Korea and Dennis Rodman _ basketball hall of famer


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