How to make money in Futures Trading – How much can you make and risk

How to make money in Futures Trading – How much can you make and risk ?

Today had amazing calls in chat from some of the same consistent traders that do this everyday and want to share some of the insight and how much you can profit when trading futures.

I often get questions of how much can you make or lose with futures? How much does it cost to trade a futures contract? How best to trade futures?

Below are 2 charts on Russell Futures ( TF_F / TFM3)  &  Emini Dow ( YM_F / YMM3). The M3 are the June Contracts and if you don’t understand futures well, here is a past blog of when they switch again.

double click chart to see the notes much bigger

TF_F (TFM3) and YM_F (YMM3) 5 min live charts and notes – Stockguy22

Some brokers charge $1,000 margin intraday for #TF_F contracts so if that is the case then you would make approx the same % intraday as you would have had on #YM_F

For other futures here is a detailed list provided by @rolcol325 . Its a few months old so may need to be updated but gives you a good idea of the key amounts. If Rolco updates this list again I’ll repost a new link. Thanks again Rolco.

The list may differ slightly for overnight margin for different brokers  but gives you a good idea of the $/tick and $/point that you can make on the following and what the costs per contract are roughly.

1) Futures Indexes TF_F , ES_F,  YM_F,  NQ_F

2)Interest Rate : ZB , ZN

3) Currencies :EC , SF , AD , JY, CD, BP

4) Metals : SI, GC , HG

5) Energies : HO, CL, NG

6) Grains : S , W , C

7)Meats : LH , LC

8) Softs : KC , CT , CC , SB

9)  Eurex : FDAX , FGBL , FESX

highlighted below the $/Tick and $/Point for TF and YM

an interesting column is the $/Contract Range tells you the avg move per day or how much you can make on an avg daily move in $ terms — So example TF can make approx $1,144 per day using the 10sma as a daily ATR (Average True Range). if any questions on this send a tweet to Rolcol325 or just send a “thank you tweet” to him for this Risk List if you find it helpful.

Futures Contracts List of Cost and Profit for Futures Contracts (Risk Sheet) -Stockguy22 courtesy @rolcol325

Hopefully you learned something new from this info.




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