Why are solar Stocks up so much today like $FSLR $STP $LDK $YGE

Why are solar Stocks up so much today like $FSLR $STP $LDK $YGE  $SPWR $TSL $JASO $WFR $CSIQ $DSTI 

Solar stocks were up between 9.43% to 47.11% check list below – –many are still down for the year and YTD  (year to date) but incredible intraday pops. Some like FSLR have such a high short interest of 36% + so the shorts were getting squeezed today and why you saw some extreme pops on this sector today .

The main reason for the pop was the optimistic guidance that FSLR released today — by the end of day FLSR closed at $39.35for a net % gain intraday of 45.52% .

http://investor.firstsolar.com/events.cfm at 1:30pm EST  Mark Widman , CFO of FSLR was presenting Financial Guidance and volume/stock both spiked (see chart below)


The fast pop fueled in part with the high short interest also  caused some circuit breakers to kick in and trading was halted 5 times check below :

(Nasdaq:FSLR) First Solar Trading Halts – 5 times on April 9th , 2013 – Stockguy22

Was already a busy trading halt day with HLF and SKX also being halted but the FSLR halts were more exciting ( 5 of them)

Chart below of 5min chart and daily chart with some very key levels hitting as you can see: click to enlarge and read notes:

April 9 FSLR live chart – when it popped at 1:30pmEST and pulled back to fibonacci levels – Stockguy22


Other Solar Stocks that also popped in sympathy with FSLR were: double click to enlarge it – Many of them are still down for the past year and YTD (year to date)

Earlier did a screen shot of a bunch of solar stocks like FSLR, STP , LDK , YGE , SPWR , JASO , TSL, DSTi , WFR , CSiQ

Top Sympathy Solar names that popped with FSLR today – by stockguy22


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