What happened at Boston marathon – Bomb or Explosions ?

 Boston Marathon April 15, 2013 – Bomb or Explosions 

Before you even read this , know that even during and after tragic events like this that there are always nice stories of helpful people that shows the true good in people and how they band together to help out those victims in need.

Didn’t take long to see that there are so many nice people that willing to help beyond what’s expected.

I can’t sleep & its 2amEST April 16th ,  so thought to update some of the nice stories that I read earlier tonight:

1) Runners that finished race continued running to local hospital to donate blood : http://sg22.ly/17gU1aO

2)  #BostonMarathon explosions attract outpouring of help from Bostonians – http://sg22.ly/11cn11K   They actually set up a Google Document here http://sg22.ly/11cnalR  to help out Strangers stuck in Boston that may need a place to stay or need a ride : Just amazing use of Social Media during a tragedy that I have not seen before.

3) Multiple stories of Doctors, Nurses, Firefighters, EMS , Police that helped (and will be helping) those grieving,  injured, lost, stressed and shocked by today’s events.   Stories of Kindness after the Boston Marathon Explosions like this : http://sg22.ly/13clUk2  I’m sure there will be many more great stories we will read in the coming days…

4)Stories of Heroic First Responders running into the unknown of danger to help those in need. Like 9/11 They don’t ask if there will be another bomb or attack , they are rushing in to help people they’ve never even met : Just amazing to see that and here’s a bunch of pictures of them :  http://sg22.ly/1187Pnv

5) Good Samaritans take in strangers after Boston Bombings: http://sg22.ly/10Zg9Ek

I really think we saw some of the best use of Social Media today during this tragedy. We saw it play out in real time on twitter from the awful pictures to the heroic and kindness in people and to the online tools like the Google people finder and Google Document to connect people with accommodations and/or rides.

Online tools to help people connect in Boston  http://sg22.ly/1088mct

Read this post on Facebook earlier tonight which makes great point:  RT @jimmykimmel: wise and true words from the brilliant @pattonoswalt http://sg22.ly/138orzb  ==> Great message that “good” people outnumber those “evil” people and the great stories of kindness like the articles above.


Earlier Blog I posted starts here:

I’m heading to bed soon but as of 10:12 pmEST Associated Press posted that…FBI takes charge in law enforcement probe of deadly Boston Marathon explosions: http://sg22.ly/XO4cop

updated 8:54pmEST _   Death toll at 3 – Boston Marathon via The Boston Globe:

Death toll rises to 3 from Boston Marathon attack / bombing

update as of past 8:16pmEST Time reported at least 124 people injured and 15 in critical condition: Time article here : http://sg22.ly/11bL7tv

How many injured at Boston Marathon bombings

Stock Markets today were already selling off as was  major Panic Selling on GOLD , Silver, copper, Platinum , Palladium and oil when word of an explosion at Boston marathon hit our twitter feed. Prayers to the people and families that were affected.  Hopefully this is isolated and we don’t hear anything else happens today.

Still not sure if its a terrorist attack but I’m sure we will learn more very soon…. So far 2 Dead , 22 Injured as of 4pmEST

Some pics from the scene – I put them small since they are graphic and you may not want to click on them if you are uneasy about blood.

Video of the Bomb that went off at the finish line:


LIVE Finish Line Camera – http://sg22.ly/ZlRGLm  hopefully wasn’t a terrorist attack – no one knows yet #BostonMarathon  this shows a deserted, messy finish line

Boston Marathon Pic of Live Video – deserted finish line after explosion

Pics of Boston Marathon Explosion and after explosion

Boston Marathon Bomb Pic – stockguy22


this one is a bit graphic  (I made it small so don’t click it if blood makes you uncomfortable)

Boston Marathon bomb Pic (after explosion)

this one too graphic as well so made it just a thumbnail —  with all the blood after the injured were taken away  ( just awful scene of distruction)

Boston Marathon pictures – just awful


Boston Marathon explosion – zoomed in


injured person taken away at Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon explosion pic

#bostonMarathon Pic of explosion and smoke

right at time of Boston Explosion you see one of the first of injured runners fall down

right at time of Explosion you see one of the first of injured down


right after explosion at Boston Marathon

You can see more on twitter since seems to have been much quicker then the regular media but thought to put these pictures together on one page  https://twitter.com/search?q=boston%20marathon%20stream&src=typd

update 5pmEST : Confirmed via NBC news that there was a 3rd Explosion at JFK library- what a crazy day @ #BostonMarathon – pics

here is a picture of the Fire /Explosion from the JFK Libray – they still not sure if it is related to the Boston Marathon finish line bombs:

Boston Marathon – JFK Library /Fire/Blast/Explosion Picture –

Update 4:23 pmEST : re JFK Library Everyone is ok and Fire is out –  I think this was one of the best tweets and use of Twitter and Social Media of the Boston Marathon Bombing so far. JFK Library tweeted this out to let everyone know that they were OK ! – at least something good. I’m sure some appreciated knowing this quickly rather than waiting to find out. Imagine you had a family member or someone worked at the Library you would be panicked. — So great Job JFKLibrary  – you handled social media perfectly during a stressful situation.

JFK Library Bombing Tweet – Great Use of Twitter

Updated 4:59pmEST  Associated Press : Cellphone service shut down in Boston to prevent remote detonations of explosives, official says: http://sg22.ly/ZWHeFV 

updated 5:35pmEST #Google $GOOG already tracking 800 people that someone is looking for @ #BostonMarathon Person Finder here: http://sg22.ly/Zma1aU  

updated 4:49PmEST :  #BostonMarathon Update : @RedCross reports that it has enough blood to help the victims. — good to hear lot of good people out there:

American Red Cross tweet that they have enough blood for victims of Boston Marathon Blasts


update as of past 8:16pmEST Time reported at least 124 people injured and 15 in critical condition:  Time article here : http://sg22.ly/11bL7tv

How many injured at Boston Marathon bombings
updated 8:34pmEST  WSJ reports that officials found what may be  another 5 un-detonated explosive devices in Boston area.  Link here to full article  http://sg22.ly/11bOBft
updated Tues April 16th – 10amEST – at news conference they said that this was not true. They did not find any un-detonated devices and there were only the 2 bombs that detonated.

possibly -5 more un-detonated explosive devices found in the Boston area per WSJ breaking news – Boston Marathon bombs


Updated 10:12 pmEST Associated Press posted that…FBI takes charge in law enforcement probe of deadly Boston Marathon explosions: http://sg22.ly/XO4cop

I can’t sleep so updating this again with an interesting article at 1:50 amEST  on how FBI gets tipped off before people can make massive bombs. In this case they say the bombs may have been simpler devices but hopefully they catch the person or group responsible quickly :

FBI Uses ‘Tripwires’ to Nab Bomb Makers http://sg22.ly/11cm1dT  –>Today didn’t work but at least FBi on case tonight

More Pictures of Boston Marathon aftermath —  a bit too Extreme&  Graphic – don’t click if you have a weak stomach — These from Slide Show here:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/15/boston-marathon-explosion-san-francisco_n_3087665.html#slide=2340784

Lady in shock after the Boston Marathon Explosions

Guy loses leg & in extreme shock :

Just awful guy loses legs – in Boston Marathon aftermath


injured & bloody runner at Boston Marathon aftermath


Guy visibly upset and shocked near bloodied American flag display @ Boston Marathon



updated April 16th – day after Boston Marathon tragedy:

Crazy that someone in chatroom today posted  that a UK Black Comedy called “Four Lions” is about a terrorist group targeting a London race :  Looks like a TV station pulled that movie today :


From the sounds of it and what officials said today at the news conference they still don’t know if it was an individual or group but they are treating it as a terrorist act.

This is a screen shot from that movie Four Lions below — kind of scary to look at this screen shot even though that’s a black comedy:   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8806080/fourlions.jpg  I  post the picture just go to link if you want to see it.

Eerie reminder of that movie Gangster Squad and the director changing the ending scene of the “theatre killings” after the 2012 Aurora movie theatre shooting. The movie was changed but still had the same violence just not in a movie theatre and created more talk about the movie.  I feel that you can’t change everything with the thought crazy individuals or groups will get an idea from it. I’m sure it helps those victims that are healing as the good part of that change.

The crazy people however have plenty of real world examples to look to. Just this movie may now spark a lot of the same attention and discussion.  Today Film4 already pulled the movie  but this will probably spark more people interested to see it now or want to get see a Four Lions downloadable movie.

A few comments from people that saw that movie Four Lions and noticed the same similar comments as the person that posted in the chatroom earlier today :

four lions movie – creepy similarity to boston marathon


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