Best 3D Printing Stocks

Best 3D Printing Stocks 

3D Printers SSYS ( Stratasys) & DDD ( 3D Systems)

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updated tweet I posted May 23rd: OK Now this is getting scary for #3DPrinting-First the #3DGun but Here is FIRST #3DBullet that was fired   ( youtube video showing first 3D bullets fired )

updated tweet i posted May 24th : $6million Man/Bionic Woman very possible now – Not science fiction anymore- #3DPrinted Ear can hear better 

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This is my portion of our Stockguy22 Bull and Bear Weekly Newsletter for Sunday March 24th , 2013 when I highlighted the 3D-Printing Industry and Stocks such as : DDD SSYS PRLB ONVO CIMT ADSK DASTY XONE.

A few tweets I posted last April 23rd , 2013

Reminder for those interested in #3DPrinting Stocks-April22-23 #3DPrintConf now on in NYC-$DDD $SSYS $PRLB $XONE $ONVO $ADSK $CIMT $DASTY

Check thru this hash tag #3DPrintConf for some of #3DPrinting products at NYC conference -guitar,chess set,shoes & yes EARS

The 3D Printing Conference is held at Javits Convention Center  New York City April 22-23, 2013 and is the is the first business to business conference and expo to delve into the present and future impact of 3D printing.

In Part 1 I look at DDD, ONVO ,DASTY an XONE

In Part 2 I look at SSYS, PRLB, CIMT and ADSK

As of April 23rd I currently own DDD and SSYS but I review the others as to what I like and don’t like:

Hope you enjoy the analysis , charts and notes:

( Note: At bottom of page you will see thumbnails of my portion of the newsletter click on them to see the charts )


3D PRINTING Industry and Stocks (text version only here ) Part 1 

In this week’s newsletter I wanted to discuss 3-­D Printing Stocks. I had touched on it briefly at this week’s Saturday webinar.

I had been watching the 3-­D Printing and related stocks for a while now and wanted to get some exposure.

Members in our group know that I purchased some DDD shares this past week and so far the trade is working well. Bought sub $30 and on Friday closed at $31.53.
First why 3-­D Printing?

Its revolutionary , like the industrial revolution, this will change how we produce , customize and make things in such a dramatic way that it will impact many business and consumer sectors.

These printers use to cost over $100,000 , now that the price has come down to $1,000-­$3,000 it is making it more appealing for businesses/consumers. We see the start of the ingenious ways the 3-­D printers are currently being used for making personal iphone cases, clothing, shoes, ceramic products, jewelry, and auto parts.

Health Care
A man’s skull was done with a 3-­D printer and ears can be made using a patients cells so that the body would not reject it. Imagine if we are able to make replacement body parts in the future !

Chocolate, pasta and yes they even have made a 3-­D steak. Some restaurants and chocolate companies are already using 3-­D Printers for customized and detailed work on cakes and cupcakes.

Guns & More
I’ve seen articles on keys & guns being 3-­D printed. This is ingenious but also very dangerous as we will see the criminals using the 3-­D printers in many illegal ways. ( update another article today on 3d Guns -Defense Distributed )
I’ve also read about a company that built a drivable car and another company that plans to use the largest 3-­D printer to build a house in sections.


Update: May 6th 2013 NY Senator Chuck Schumer said on CNBC today that 3D guns should be a crime

: They are working on legislation now. As I said criminals will be creative in using 3-D printers in an illegal way so once guns are legislated what will happen with keys, fake designer items  etc. that criminals can also create. I’m sure a whole new batch of laws will have to address this issue as well as illegal 3D software that can easily spread through torrent sites once 3D printers become more mainstream.

I also updated & added this video documentary on 3D Guns on May 6th – by Vice on Youtube ( they do some edgy documentaries & they interviewed Cody R. Wilson from Defense Distributed who has been successful in test firing a gun that he made out of plastic on his SSYS 3-D Printer: 

SSYS took back their printer from Defense Distributed. Cody Wilson ended up getting a Federal firearms license soon after. This Texan is definitely adding some interesting debates re: 3D Printers and 3D Guns. I’m sure this story will keep developing and I will update periodically.  I currently own DDD & SSYS but took some profits last week on 1/2 of both positions. The video below is 24 min long :

As the price comes down sub $1,000 the consumer market will get interested but probably not till we see them closer to $300-­$500 which should happen over time.
The market for 3-­D Printing was approx. $1.7B in 2011 and expected to be worth $3.7B in 2015.
Some have estimated that the growth potential could be astronomical since could impact more than 10%-­30% of all manufacturing which could make it worth Trillions of dollars between printers, software and the products used by the printers.

President Obama at the last State of the Union mentioned 3-­D Printing and how it can revolutionize the US manufacturing sector by getting jobs back in the US. He is trying to get congress to support a $1 billion planfor 3-­D printing research.

Any new industry to be successful needs the backing of the government. Lets just hope its not like the Solar industry which has really struggled even with government support. I think 3-­D printing is different since big co’s like GE, Ford and even NASA have embraced this new technology. There is a firm called Jabil Circuit that works with Apple, IBM and CISCO and they have used 3D Printing to make many prototype products from medical to semiconductor with 3-­D Printers.

Let’s look at the different Sections within the 3-­D Printing Industry.
Simply its the 3-­D Printers , Software and the materials used to make your 3-­D printed product. The materials portion can be anything from plastic, steel, food and whatever else they can come up with in the future.

3-­D printers can’t print everything so you you won’t print a plasma TV or a iphone for you, but they can print the individual replacement components;; that is how I think it will initially expand. As both small and large manufacturers embrace this new technology, we should continue to see ingenious new uses as I posted above. Its amazing how many new articles and videos I review each week with ingenious new 3-­D printed products.

The health industry and what they will be able to 3-­D print is a very exciting and scary field but should be an amazing market revolution.

I did the charts for DDD, ONVO, DASTY & XONE below.

I liked DDD as far as fundamentals and risk/reward and why I bought this stock first.
You can see my updated notes on the DDD chart below. I’ve also included Sales and profits for the past 10yrs most importantly since 2010 as 3D Printing has grown from a $1.7B market in 2011 and as grows to a planned $3.7B in 2015 , they should continue to get a good portion of this market share.

I would like to own one of the health 3D Printing stocks like ONVO but not quite yet since the fundamentals are a bit weak.

ONVO has been able to bioprint functional blood vessels and cardiac tissue using cells.
They have a partnership with Invetech and they plan to make the first bioprinted kidney, but at this point based on fundamentals I still considered this a much higher risk trade then the others.

If they can translate the partnerships to sales this could have huge potential longer term in the Health Sector. Also if they ever get a Nasdaq listing that could help them but for now trades on the OTC market which was another reason I was not interested in ONVO at the current time.
The risk/reward was not too bad on this trade if can get breakout over $4 or just stay over $3+ I’ve included the fundamentals on that and as you can see sales were only 1.2M in 2012 and the statement shows zero net income but according to their website they actually lost $43M last year. Last year they also got $24.6Mill in equity financing.

Jeff (@cerebraltrades) in our chat and contributor to this newsletter has played this ONVO excellent. He bought ONVO early and has locked so much profit on 1/2 of it that he basically owns the stock for free right now.
He plans to hold it longer term into the next 3-­5 yrs to see how far they can get with the bioprinting. Jeff is now in the best possible scenario on this stock since he can’t lose any of his own money even if the company failed. Great trading by @cerebraltrades..

I was not too interested in trading DASTY for a few reasons:
1) trades in France so that’s why you see a lot of gaps each day
2) not a great risk/reward although it is a fundamentally strong company (attached 10 yr Sales )
3) very light volume trader on the US traded portion of the stock
4) trades on OTC

XONE is the other one I’ve included here but even though their sales were increasing into year end 2011,
They still lost money the last 2 years which I felt was a strike against them.
Also didn’t like that its a new IPO so not as much chart history to go on and will have to watch both the quiet period date and the lockup period date.
Quiet period was March 19th, 2013 and held up ok past that date so far but getting very close to resistance levels.
Lockup period is not till Aug 6th ,2013 so may be a better buy if drops back into the lockup or past the lockup period.

I will post the notes & updated charts next week for SSYS PRLB CIMT and ADSK.

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