How a successful trader analyzes risk-reward on stocks . Ex. (Nasdaq:FB) Facebook Stock

Thought I’d share this analysis I did for someone on $FB ( Facebook ). I gave 3 possible scenarios since FB was getting interesting today as it hit towards a key Fibonacci retrace level ( 61.8% level)

Its had a 3 day drop and getting very interesting:

So how does a trader like me , analyze a stock as such key levels and what suggested stops would I recommend.

Is Facebook a buy here or do you wait for a pullback or do we wait for it to get back over $27 again?

I’ll answer all those questions in the Facebook chart with notes attached below:

click the chart below & then click it again to make it easier to read.

I review in dept 3 possible scenarios/buy points  and suggested stops on how to trade Facebook stock from here:


Hope you find it helpful,



How to Trade Facebook Stock (Nasdaq:FB)



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