What is the Ira Sohn Conference – 2013

Ira Sohn Conference 2013

Ira Sohn Conference 2013

July 8th, 2013 Update: Its been 2 months since Ira Sohn Conference

Here’s a recap of Best and Worst Ira Sohn Stock Performers to date (July 8th):

BEST:   Short:LINE +24.61% , Short:DLR +13.79%, Short AAPL +10.74%, Long: OCN +9.08%, Long:TRBAA +7.98% Short:T +5.87%, Long DXM + 5.74% , Long GOOG +3.33% , Long: TWTC +2.19% , Long:CACI +1.74%, Long: OIS +.93%, Long: PG +.33% ,

WORST : Long: CLNY -15.52%, Long: FOR -13.91%, Long LVLT -12.80% , Short:WDC -9.85% , Short:STX -8.39%, Short:CMG -6.17%, Short:HCG.to -3.79%, Long: CCO -1.05% 

I like to keep track of these and currently own a few of the above as swing trades : I’m looking  to start new positions on a few of them and like some of the action I’ve seen — so thought to share the performance to date. Hope you find it helpful.

Below are the lists of many of the stocks mentioned this year at Ira Sohn 2013.

double click links below to see them much larger and easier to read:

Best & Worst Ira Sohn Stocks to date as of July 8th, 2013

Best & Worst Ira Sohn Stocks to date as of July 8th, 2013

Best & Worst Ira Sohn Stocks to date as of July 8th, 2013

Best & Worst Ira Sohn Stocks to date as of July 8th, 2013

Best & Worst Ira Sohn Stocks to date as of July 8th, 2013

Best & Worst Ira Sohn Stocks to date as of July 8th, 2013



Here’s another recap 1week after Ira Sohn : I wanted to trade a few but they are just shooting higher with not much pullback — here are some of the top ones  that were mentioned and % s are as of 11am May 15th, 2013

TOP #irasohn up are $OCN +7.27% $AKAM +6.89% $CCO +5.80% $OIC +5.35% $GOOG +4% –   shorts  #HCG.to +6.57%:   $STX +3.52%   $DLR +5.88%


I did a recap on May 13th , 2013 of the best and worst Ira Sohn Stocks to date: Its still a bit too soon but I like to keep track of them since I may be trading a few of them this year as I have in past years:

Thought to share what i noticed so far. Keep in mind some moved intra-day and some after-hours depending on when the presentation was but I used closing prices of May 8th in my calculations:

updated : May 13th – 12noon EST:

Best Long #irasohn Stocks  so far are $OCN +6.11% $AKAM +4.61% $OIS +3.94% $CCO +3.36%

Best #irasohn Stock Shorts that are up since May 8th close are : $HCG.to +3.99% $STX +3.95% $DLR +3.75% $WDC +1.64%

worst #irasohn Stocks so far : LONG $DXM – 4.83% but popped intraday May 8th, $LVLT -1.92% , $CLNY -2% , $CACI -1.86% — SHORT $CMG -1.81%

I’d say #SteveEisman has best consistency so far $OCN +6% , $FOR +2%, & $HCG.to short + 5.91% –only $CLNY down a bit 1.92%.  Really agreed with what he said on Canadian Real Estate bubble as could hurt Canadian banks hard. I’ve been following this for quite a few years and glad Mr. Eisman addressed this. I really like his HCG.to short as a way to play it since the Canadian banks are so few and are TOO big to fail at this point. Canadian gov’t would have to bail them and I think that’s why we’ve seen so much gov’t changes to Canadian real estate lately ahead of that bubble that has formed. I’ve read Cdn real estate is already 20% overpriced and with the past year of mortgage changes will definitely cool this overheated market in 2013-2014. I would not be surprised if this is when market gets hit with a supply explosion and once rates start going up in 2014 that should be the start of a major bubble pop (in my opinion): Here are some notes i’ll share with you that I’ve been keeping track of in terms of Canadian real estate and some of the Mortgages changes that were made in the past year.

  • home equity loans were dropped last year from a max of 85% to 80%
  • maximum amortization allowed has also dropped from 30 years to 25
  • Federal government capped maximum debt ratios
  • Making it tougher for investors to speculate on condos
  • CMHC in Canada backs most mortgage insurance and had ballooned to $566B at end of 2012 from $291B in 2006.


What is the Ira Sohn Conference  – 2013 ?

I’m not one of the big hedge fund guys from NYC but I find this event helpful to me as a smaller individual trader. Its interesting to see the stocks that are mentioned and I have traded stocks from the past events. They are not all great ideas but there have been some incredible trades at past events. The Ira Sohn Conference is a yearly meeting of top hedge fund recommendations to traders and institutions. Approx. 3,000+ people attend this yearly event. This is an expensive conference and the hedge fund presenters are under a microscope so they put their best plays out on the table. The money is raised for charity which is a big plus of having all these Wall St. fat cats all in one place.  There have been some amazing long & short plays. I was most impressed with the short plays in 2009 ( a time when the market had bottomed and was continuing higher). I did well picking up and trading a few of the stocks from 2011 and 2012 Events. Some I already had so once they are mentioned there they usually get a bit of a boost that day. So if you see some stocks moving on no news today then it was probably mentioned at Ira Sohn.

Ira Sohn speakers today (Wed May 8, 2013)   included : Paul Singer, Kyle Bass, Li Lu, Keith Meister, Bill Ackman, Stan Druckenmiller, Mitch Julis, Steve Eisman, David Stemerman, Jim Chanos , Tor Olav Troim, Jonathan Jacobson, Clifton Robbins, Jeff Gundlach, and David Einhorn

The winner of the stock picking contest for 2013 was Joel Geenblatt – ticker TRBAA

Some of the Ira Sohn Stocks mentioned today May 8th, 2013 were:

DXM , TWTC, LVLT, PG , GOOG, AAPL , (Canadian Banks BMO.to RY.to TD.to BNS.to CM.to NA.to — in US tickers are BMO RY TD BNS CM)

FOR, CLNY, OCN , HCG.to, ( African Bank : ABL:SJ Johannessburg), WDC, STX, SDRL, T, LNN, DLR, MSFT, CACI , AKAM, CMG & OIS

some Stocks from this list  that did move today due to Ira Sohn  were :

LONG positions : DXM up 20.71% , TWTC up 5.81% , LVLT up 3.36% , CCO up 4.83% , FOR up 5.93% , AKAM up afterhours to $45.80 , 

SHORT positions : HCG.to down 1.77%  , CMG down a bit a/h to $360 but could have been out of market 

You can go through some of the notes from each speaker and then do more research if you are interested: (double click spreadsheets to see them larger)


CORRECTION TO LAST PAGE : LNN the short play by Jonathan Jacobson should be LINN ENERGY LLC( ticker : LINE) 

Ira Sohn Conference 2013 Stocks & Speakers Page 1 – by Stockguy22

Ira Sohn Conference 2013 Stocks & Speakers Page 2

Ira Sohn Conference 2013 Stocks & Speakers – Page 2  -by Stockguy22

Ira Sohn Conference 2013 Stocks & Speakers

Ira Sohn Conference 2013 Stocks & Speakers Page 3 – by Stockguy22

CORRECTION TO LAST PAGE ABOVE : LNN the short play by Jonathan Jacobson should be LINN ENERGY LLC( ticker : LINE) 



IRA SOHN 2012 Stocks and Recap & Stocks for 2011 mentioned : http://stockguy22.com/2012/05/16/2012-ira-sohn-conference-and-recap-of-2011-stocks-mentioned/

IRA SOHN 2011 Stocks and Recap & Stocks for 2010 mentioned : http://stockguy22.com/2011/05/25/what-is-the-ira-sohn-conference/

You can learn more about the charity here or if you want to register next year. http://www.sohnconference.com/

What does it cost to attend?  This years cost is the same as last year $4,000 per person but those of you fat cats that get 65 seats will only be hit with a $100,000 charge (that’s only $1,538 per ticket) : but it does go to good cause and its tax deductible.

I usually try to do a recap like I have in past years of the Speakers and the stocks they mentioned. I then keep a running tally of the stocks from that date and if anything interesting or goes up or down through the year it may spark my interest. Also its a great way to see what these top hedge fund traders are thinking about their trade ideas.

Live Blogs Tweeting the Ira Sohn Event :

I like Reuters and watch this feed each year :

updating… didn’t see one this year though

Other live Ira Sohn Coverage 2013:

updating…  https://twitter.com/valuewalk

Schedule here too http://www.valuewalk.com/2013/05/ira-sohn-conference-live-coverage-2013-einhorn-bass-chanos-lu/

Always good for some funny commentary too : https://twitter.com/reformedbroker

You can also follow live tweets of the conference here: #IraSohn  ( on twitter) -Many attendees tweet live commentary and its a great way to learn what stocks/sectors are being mentioned and who is currently speaking.

Who is speaking this year (2013) at Ira Sohn Conference?

here are some of the speakers for the Ira Sohn event

Bill Ackman

Kyle Bass

James Chanos

Stanley DruckenMiller

David Einhorn

Steven Eisman

Jeffrey Gundlach

Jonathon Jacobson

Mitchell Julis

Li Lu

Keith Meister

Clifton Robbins

Paul Singer

David Stemerman

Tor Olav Troim

& others

I will update the speakers and what stocks they mentioned


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