Stockguy22 Free Saturday Webinars 2013

Stockguy22 Webinars 2013


Stockguy22 Free Saturday Webinars 2013


Here are a few of our most recent Free Saturday Webinars.

Approx 350 traders sign up for these each week & many regulars  don’t miss a week.

If you missed them or want to review them,  we’ve made them available here:

They are long with lots of great trading info, chart analysis, and options strategies so sit back get some drinks, snacks and enjoy.

We really have a passion to teach others how to trade and hope that comes through in the webinars. We don’t promote a paid service 10 minutes into the webinar like many FREE webinars do.  We feel if you enjoy what we provide that you will become a member when you are good and ready.. so no high pressure techniques here:

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Tuesday Aug 6th –Saturday Update …..more chart requests LMT IMOS DRYS EQM AOL 

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A few more stock requests from Saturday- tried to spend less than 5min per ticker so this webinar is much shorter.You can fast forward to the ticker you are interested in since they are in order.
if you like this shorter format let me know  on twitter or youtube and I may do more videos like this maybe even 1 video per ticker no more than 3-5minutes long each.

Lockheed Martin Corp chart
Chipmos Tech Bermuda Ltd Chart
DRYships Inc. Chart
EQT Midsream Partners LP chart
AOL Inc chart

Tuesday Aug 6th –Saturday Update ( 28min less than 5min per stock ticker)

Saturday Aug 3rd , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 49min of action packed chart reading & strategies)

Reminder: Ends soon Special $69 to get my live trades (buys/sells), 2,000+ detailed charts, member webinars, live scans & more ( use CouponCode : GOLD69)

For this webinar we re-capped the following charts :
Jstanford reviewed : FUTURES : ESU3 TFU3 YMU3

the next portion starts 39 minutes into webinar if you fast forward:

Stockguy22 reviewed MARKET CHARTS : $INDU $SPY $COMPQ $RUT


ONVO (ORGANOVO Holdings Inc. Chart) –  in the webinar i mentioned lock up period but don’t think its an issue since may have passed. I had in my notes a 2nd lockup date but that’s a good thing if no other share lock-up to worry about especially after the past week’s offering at $4.50. As I mentioned in webinar I still considered this higher risk trade since could dip to $4 and  another reason why scaled into it. Also its a huge reward if works but initial 18% possible dip to next support.

also recapped a swing trade I screwed up on so hope you learn from it SNC.TO  (SNC  LAVALIN GROUP INC. )

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Saturday Aug 3rd, 2013 Webinar

 Saturday July 27th , 2013 Webinar (3hours 8min of action packed chart reading)

Today we spoke about stock market analysis on $INDU $SPY $COMPQ $RUT
Stocks/Charts we reviewed were in order FDO FB AKAM SCO UCO INTC EWZ EWI RAX SCTY GOOG SLV YELP F VLO TSO HFC also explanation of Oil Crack Spread with charts – Showed some of the detailed members section for our http://stockguy22.comsite

Saturday July 27th , 2013 Webinar


Saturday July 20th , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 27 minutes )

Discussed Markets for the past week & reviewed the  $INDU SPY $COMPQ $RUT charts
Other charts reviewed in order : WLT FOSL PM CSCO CAB AMZN GOOG DNR
Also checked charts on : BTI MO RAI LO VGR ( other stocks like PM & similarities/differences)
Reviewed just a few of the stocks bought June 25th, 2013 & why : (Bombardier) , FDO, DDD , CMI, DE. AKAM, DECK, HOG.. there were others but we ran out of time & wife said time to end this 1 hour session while we were 2 1/2 hour into it. We were just getting

Saturday July 20th , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 27 minutes )

We’ve had a 2 week break but restarted the Saturday webinars again July 13th

Saturday July 13 , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 40 minutes )

Reviewed Markets : Dow $INDU , SPYDR $SPY , Nasdaq $COMPQ ($COMPX), Russell $RUT — we also reviewed futures charts for the past week.

Reviewed the benefits of rolling options like the recent $SPY July options ( debit call spreads on July calls as well as the June SPY puts I had done on May 22nd after the #FOMC meeting)
also many other charts like :$BA traded from Friday as well as $105 options plays that members did ( also compared how the ITM $95 vs $100 calls did on Boeing stock) on weekly options and monthly options.
Also reviewed why we got so aggressive after the June 24th bottom in markets.. I show some of the bottoming action on individual stocks I saw on June 21-24th like hammer candles, tweezer bottom candlesticks and bounces off 200day sma
other charts reviewed were : $HOG $XIV $RKUS $MGM $HAL $RVLT $ONVO $ENV $FDO $DECK $SCO $UCO $TSLA $PCLN $OWW $NLFX $HFT $SSYS $DDD $MGM  & other charts /strategies

Saturday July 13 , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 40 minutes )

Saturday June 22nd , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 35 minutes )

Discussed many similar bottoming chart patterns/setups we saw into Friday
Looked at Stock Market charts like
Dow Jones $INDU, SPYDR SPY, Nasdaq $COMPQ, Russell $RUT

We discussed why the stock market dropped so much this past week and what to look for this coming week.

CheekyTrade spoke about Yield Curve , General Markets

NOB Spread
2v10 10v30
Gamestop: GME
Currency pairs

Stockguy22 reviewed the following charts which showed different candlestick setups like:
hammer candles, shooting stars, tweezer bottoms , double bottoms on stocks such as:

 Saturday June 22nd , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 35 minutes )


Saturday June 15th , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 21 minutes )

We planned to have this webinar under 1 hour but didn’t happen.

this week : @cheekytrade went over charts for futures on : ES NQ TF YM

ES also known as /ES, ES_F, ESU3 (Sept futures for Eminis)
NQ also known as /NQ , NQ_F, NQU3 ( Sept Futures Nasdaq)
TF also known as /TF , TF_F , TFU3 ( Sept Futures for Russell)
YM also known as /YM, YM_F , YMU3 (Sept Futures for Dow Mini)

Stockguy22 reviewed charts for the following:
ishares Turkey ( ARCX: TUR) $TUR
ishares Italy (ARCX: EWI) $EWI
ishares Japan ( ARCX:EWJ) $EWJ
WisdomTree Japan ( ARCX: DXJ) $DXJ
market Vectors Egypt ( ARCX:EGPT) $EGPT
Apple Computers Inc ( Nasdaq:AAPL) $AAPL
Nii Holdings Inc. ( Nasdaq:NIHD) $NIHD stock I traded recently
Activision Blizzard Inc chart ( Nasdaq:ATVI) $ATVI
Gamestop Corp ( NYSE: GME) $GME
CVR Energy Inc. ( NYSE: CVI) $CVI
Akamai Technologies Inc ( Nasdaq:AKAM) $AKAM

Also spoke a bit about the planned Summer mentoring as well as our current special for our Gold membership :

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 Saturday June 15th , 2013 Webinar ( just over 2 hours 21 minutes )

use HD settings for best clarity

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Saturday June 8th , 2013 Webinar ( just over 2 hours 23 minutes )

@cheekyTrade began talking about the upcoming Video Games & Tech Conference & reviewed stocks related to Gaming. He is very knowledgeable on those stocks & games

E3 June 10th – June 14th

To keep updated with live alerts on E3 -2013 — click this hashtag   #E32013  & will take you to twitter with most recent updates this week

The official Electronic Entertainment Expo Twitter account is :

Game Publishers & Consoles  Stocks 

  • Electronic Arts Inc ( Nasdaq:EA) – Battlefield, Madden, ect – rehashes games for next-gen – unlikely they announce anything groundbreaking – They got Star Wars deal from DIS – but games are typically bad
  • Activision (Nasdaq:ATVI) – Call of Duty, Skylanders, WoW, et – some big cash cows – DIS coming with Disney Infinity
  • Take-Two Interactive (Nadsaq:TTWO)  – Borderlands 2, GTA V, BioShock – not really anything in the pipeline – yet
  • Microssoft ( Nasdaq:MSFT) – XBOX – bashed pretty hard in devs and gamers -> really need to pull a rabbit here
  • Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) – Sony PS4 is big business- (adr) ADR means American Depository Receipt and its basically the stock trades in US but is a foreign corporation  Most times you see these stocks with gaps each day since they are already trading overseas before the US markets are even open for premarket trading. SNE is typical of that if you see the daily chart – 
  • Konami (NYSE:KNM ) –  – Konami – Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid 5, ProEvo Soccer  — Also an ADR and look at daily chart & see all the gap ups/downs each day.
  • Nintendo => Not US traded => WiiU kinda a failure so far
  • Disney (NYSE:DIS) – Disney Infinity with EA to compete with Skylanders  — Stockguy22 also talked about his trade on DIS and the option plays he did on it recently.
  • Dreamworks (Nasdaq: DWA) – exhibiting content also has exclusive content deal with $NFLX (Netflix) 

Mobile Game Stocks 

  • Zynga (Nasdaq:ZNGA) Spoke about the chart and also the potential for online gaming which Zynga has already started on overseas
  • Qualcomm Inc (Nasdaq: QCOM)
  • Zagg (Nasdaq:ZAGG)  had broken sub $5 but bouncing back up 
  • (Nasdaq: CYOU)

Other Stocks

  • Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq:SIRI) We spoke a bit about their aggressive marketing if you try to cancel – seems many of us have gone through a similar story with SIRI
  • Sap AG ( NYSE:SAP)
  • Gamestop (NYSE: GME )- trade in on games – actually had a good run last week. Cheeky trade thought was nice bounce potential off that low $30 area – closed $36.75 Friday (longer term this could be a short though due to the downloading market becoming more popular)

Hardware Stocks 

  • Intel Corp (Nasdaq: INTC) 
  • Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD )- PS4 and XBOX powered by AMD, also new APU for consumers

The PS4 has an eight-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” CPU and an AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine GPU, both of which sit on one custom chip. Microsoft is less open about its hardware, but it’s been very clear AMD is the main partner it worked with to develop the Xbox One’s 8-core custom CPU.

 Also Spoke about the upcoming Apple WWDC 2013 Conference June 10th  – Stock : Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL)  to keep updated in real time for WWDC click these  hashtags #wwdc2013   #wwdc13  #WWDC to take you to twitter live updates
Chart Requests were: AEE , CRM , NFLX ,  YHOO , YELP , OPEN , LULU , ( 2 biotech ETFs were BBH & IBB ) & more ..

Stockguy22  also spoke about Markets DOW $INDU, Nasdaq $COMPQ & SPYDR SPY & Russell $RUT –

Saturday June 8th , 2013 Webinar (2 hours 23 minutes )


Saturday June 1st , 2013 Webinar ( just over 3 hours )

Stockguy22 initially spoke about Markets DOW $INDU, Nasdaq $COMPQ & SPYDR SPY & Russell $RUT – also talked a bit about “Sell in May and Go Away” and reviewed some historical data that I’ve shared to members in newsletter and chatroom last month.

Then @cheekyTrade began talking about:

Why do dividend stocks fall when rates rise?
Without dividend growth – risk must adjust
CSCO, INTC, ‘tech’ – tend to grow dividends
VZ – dividend likely to grow slower than others
ED, FE, ECX, NEE, AEP,PPL – utilities need to borrow $ to run the business – higher borrowing rates cut profits
Banks benefit – WFC, JPM, MS, GS, C – lenders – even regional banks

Utilities have high operating costs and they borrow heavily to pay for infrastructure investments in power generation and power transmission via power lines.

As utilities invest for trends based 10-years, 20-years, and longer in the future, they tend to borrow funds based on 10-year to 30-year maturities.

The equity risk premium is the expected future return of stocks minus the risk-free rate over some investment horizon.

At all time highs, bullish or bearish? Tipping point? http://libertystreeteconomics.newyork…

Some theory:…

In finance, the risk premium refers to the amount by which an asset’s expected rate of return exceeds the risk-free interest rate. When measuring risk, a common approach is to compare the risk-free return on T-bills and the risky return on other investments (using the ex post return as a proxy for the ex ante expected return). The difference between these two returns can be interpreted as a measure of the excess expected return on the risky asset. This excess expected return is known as the risk premium.

Stockguy22 talked again starting at 1hour 3minutes and began with chart requests on $RUT, Health Care REITS etc. list below…
Dow Chart ( $INDU )
Nasdaq Chart ( $COMPQ)
SPYDR Chart ( SPY )
Russell 2000 Chart ( $RUT)
Health Care REITs ( AVIV , VTR, OHi, MPW, HCP, HCN)
IWM chart
Federal National Mortgage Association (BB:FNMA)
NII Holdings Inc. ( Nasdaq:NIHD)
Netflix ( Nasdaq:NFLX)
Affymax (Nasdaq:AFFY)
Celsion (Nasdaq:CLSN)
Apple ( Nasdaq:AAPL)
CF Industries Holdings (NYSE:CF) ( Nasdaq:PCLN)
Gilead Sciences Inc (Nasdaq:GILD)
International FCstone Inc. ( Nasdaq:INTL) this was a typo but reviewed it anyway
Intel Corp ( Nasdaq:INTC)
Marvell Technology ( Nasdaq:MRVL )
Advanced Micro Devices ( NYSE: AMD)
Banco Santandier SA ( NYSE:SAN )
We also reviewed a bit of info on the Summer Mentoring with Stockguy22 for June/July and into August. More detailed and signup info next week.
Saturday June 1st , 2013 Webinar ( 3hours 7minutes)
you can fast forward to tickers since I tried to type them in order of when I spoke about them.


Saturday May 25th , 2013 Webinar ( 2 hours 31 minutes ).

At this webinar @cheekytrade & @cerebralTrades spoke about:  “Crack Spreads” — get your mind out of the ( has to do with oil spreads and trading)

More detailed info here on Crack Spreads :
Also discussed were Natural Gas and LNG (liquid natural gas ) stocks like
LNG CBI – nat gas terminal construction and GLNG TGP gas shippers.

Stockguy22 reviewed $INDU $COMPQ ( dow & Nasdaq Charts) as well as $RUT Russell and SPY ( SPDR S&P 500 ) charts
Other charts : included Facebook (Nasdaq:FB) , VIVUS (Nasdaq:VVUS) , AMEDISYS ( Nasdaq:AMED) , Gamestop ( NYSE:GME) ,
3D Printing Stock – 3-D Systems (NYSE:DDD) , Stratasys (Nasdaq:SSYS) Organovo Holdings ( OTCF:ONVO )
Energy XXi ( Nasdaq:EXXI) , EXCO ( NYSE: XCO) , Salesforce ( NYSE:CRM) , US Airways ( NYSE: LLC) , JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq:JBLU)
Solar Stocks and charts : Sunpower (Nasdaq:SPWR) , First Solar Inc ( Nasdaq:FSLR), Trina Solar (NYSE:TSL), Yingli Green Energy (NYSE:YGE), Canadian Solar (Nasdaq:CSIQ) , SolarCity Corp ( Nasdaq:SCTY)
Stocks to trade
3D Best Stocks Blog on site at :

You can follow stockguy22 on twitter :
Follow @Cheekytrade on twitter:
follow @cerebralTrades on twitter

at some parts of the video you may have to increase the sound – Stockguy22 portion begins at 47minutes 37seconds into the video. Total length is 2 hours 31 minutes

Saturday May 25th , 2013 Webinar ( 2 hours 31 minutes ).



May 4th , 2013 Webinar  ( 3 hours & 6minutes) Market Analysis & Charts & Reviewed lots of chart requests at this webinar.

@stockguy22 Reviewed charts:  $INDU $COMPQ $RUT, SPY , LNKD, PCLN , GOOG , AAPL , DDD , GLD , CHD,  FCX – also risk-reward analysis & some quick ways to look at fundamental analysis.

Rob (@stockdarts) also reviewed some options strategies &  Calendar Spreads


To see best quality set to HD  (720p) & watch in Full Screen Mode

May 4th , 2013 Webinar  ( 3 hours & 6minutes)


May 11th , 2013 Webinar  ( 2 hours & 36minutes) – Futures & Stocks

@CheekyTrade  reviewed Futures TF NQ   AMD , AAPL,


Defense stocks continue higher  – GD NOC RTN

his other recap & for previous weeks here:

@CerebralTrades reviewed stock replacement using options into earnings Ex. TSLA

@Stockguy22 reviewed: TSLA , HLF, $INDU $COMPQ, SPY, $RUT, SPWR,  GE, CSCO, AAPL, CELG, CMG , GOOG , GTI , GLD , CAT, DE, HAL ,

Also spoke about the Sell in May & Go Away for past 5yrs.

To see best quality set to HD  (720p) & watch in Full Screen Mode

May 11th , 2013 Webinar  ( 2 hours & 36minutes) – Futures & Stocks




If you enjoyed these then you will like this next one when Jeff ( @cerebralTrades) helps me with some options strategies on stocks that I wanted to protect some profits on.

( 1 hour & 22 minutes long)


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