Mid -Week Stockguy22 Free Webinars with Jeff & Rob

Mid -Week Stockguy22 Free Webinars with Jeff & Rob

  Jeff - CerebralTrades Rob- Stockdarts

Jeff – CerebralTrades                                    Rob- StockDarts


Join Rob & Jeff as they analyze the markets, futures and Forex.  They’ll also talk about set ups and trade ideas using weekly options.

These FREE webinars are for those that want to learn charting as well as how best to use options (even for traders with a smaller trading account).

Its a complimentary webinar to the Saturday webinars but with an options twist.

These 2 guys are sharp traders who are willing to share their trading ideas and knowledge. You will definitely enjoy learning from them.

You can follow them on twitter here:
Rob on twitter http://twitter.com/stockdarts
Jeff on twitter http://twitter.com/CerebralTrades

With Earnings underway – Jeff/Rob can give you some great strategies to use into earnings / sometimes just knowing what play to structure for a gap up/gap down or no movement using options can make all the difference. Very smart options traders that you can bounce Earnings options ideas off.

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Wednesday, Aug 7th, 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST

Jeff and Rob discuss charts, analysis and options trades ( great analysis  by these 2 traders that you will enjoy):
charts reveiewed were: SPY, IWM, DIA, QQQ, GLD, CL_F ( oil futures), TLT
stocks & options ideas : IPI, DDD, SSYS, PRLB , XONE
more stocks & options : BBRY, LEN , LNKD, AIG, NFLX, VMW, NLY, WLT

follow Jeff on twitter http://twitter.com/cerebralTrades
follow Rob on twitter http://twitter.com/Stockdarts

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Wednesday, Aug 7th , 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST ( 1hour 3min)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST

Jeff and Rob discuss SPY QQQ DIA IWM TLT GLD /GC LNKD
Options play review on AAPL WPRT PRLB
Other Stock requests MCP GOOG MA V

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST ( 1 hour 9 min)

Wednesday, July 24 , 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST


at the very end talked a bit DDD

Wednesday, July 24 , 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST 1 hour 7 minutes



Jeff and Rob talk about these charts in order SPY IWM QQQ GOOG DIA
options plays discussed on TSLA SLCA NFLX IBM ALGN LNKD LULU

SPY potential puts play and why we decided to wait on it
Rob helps Stockguy22 analyze his AAPL July options call play (great sell analysis)

Wednesday, July 17 , 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST 1 hour 6 minutes



This was the first weekday webinar & we had 44 Traders sign up for it -Great Start !!! –    Rob & Jeff reviewed :

SPYDR ( ARCX:SPY ) chart as well as a debit put option trade that Stockguy22  has & further suggestions how to protect that profit. Also reviewed:

Ishares Russell 2000 (ARCX:IWM), Powershares QQQ trust ( Nasdaq:QQQ), Invensense (NYSE:INVN) , United States Steel Corp. (NYSE:X) , EXCO Resources ( NYSE:XCO) , Michael Kors Holdings ( NYSE:KORS) , Wynn Resorts Ltd. ( Nasdaq:WYNN) , Amazon (Nasdaq:AMZN), Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL)

Video is 1 hour 8min long : Tickers are in order so you can fast forward to points you want. Enjoy  and hope to see you at the next webinar

Wednesday, June 5th , 2013 – 12:30pmEST-1:30pmEST


if you enjoyed the videos and commentary above then listen to our Saturday Free Trading webinars –over 20+ hours of more free informative trading webinars : http://stockguy22.com/2013/05/15/stockguy22-free-saturday-webinars-2013/



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