SG22 Webinars for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines

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$750 in Donations  from Stockguy22 , Rob @stockdarts & Jstanford ahead of the Tuesday night webinar but we hope that some of you also take the initiative and support some of the charities below :  Give what you can but it will help someone that needs it in this difficult time

If you missed the Tuesday Nov 19th webinar you can listen to it here :

Tuesday night we spoke about $INDU $COMPQ SPY $RUT $ONVO $TSLA $QCOR $DVA – 

The Charities we chose were  :

UN World Food, Americares and World Food Programme

We provided a more extensive list of charities that give a big percentage of the funds to the cause rather than to admin costs. So choose whichever one you want and give what you can.

UN100 americares150 worldfoodProgramme250 AmeriCares250

First off, I’d like to thank the Stockguy22 team for allowing me to use the platform and offering their time to help raise awareness for this tragic cause.  Secondly, I’d like to thank the wife for creating collage above.

I’m sure most of you have seen the images and watched reports on the damage left behind by the recent super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda on the Philippines.  I don’t need to repeat what has been mentioned in the mainstream media but instead just want to focus on how best to help out.

As some of you may know, I was born and grew up in the Philippines.  I lived in the US from aged 6 to 11(with some time in Haiti in between).  Along with my younger sister, we were moved back to the Philippines when I was 12 primarily for financial reasons as my parents wanted to earn in US Dollars while keeping a big chunk expenses in Philippine Peso.  This allowed them to be able to work 2 jobs (well my mom had her own business) full time and give us a good–really good-life in the Philippines as one of her sister lived with us.  Back then, QE wasn’t even an idea and the USD to Philippine Peso exchange rate was in the mid to high 50s (it’s now in the low 40s) and locally, things were cheap in the Philippines.  Growing up in Metro Manila (the economic and political capital of the country) house helpers along with personal drivers were an automatic and not a luxury.

Long story short, while the Philippines was and still is a 3rd world country, my parents were able to provide me a very good life.  While the country has gone a LOOOONG way from where it was 30 years ago, a vast majority of the country is still living in poverty especially the further  you go away from major cities.  This leads me to the most recent typhoon.  As I explained to others, one of the strongest and biggest typhoons recorded to hit the world–yes world–EVER.  It basically hit a 3rd tier sub region (in terms of size, economic development and infrastructure) in a 3rd world country.  However, as in many 3rd world countries, population density is still high and so when Mother Nature of this magnitude hits, it’s just seems unfair to expect many survivors.  Children being ripped by swells from the grips of their parents, men/women losing their spouses and children, evacuation centers being flooded to the roof turning it into an instant cemetery are just some of stories that I’ve heard from folks I know who are involved in the relief efforts on the ground.  Add to the fact an overmatched and seemingly unprepared National and Local government hampered with one of the more corrupt and bureaucratically impractical systems in the world and you have a recipe for a national catastrophe unfolding post event with a potential for more deaths that could be avoided.

Interestingly enough a similar super typhoon hit the same location more than 100 years ago with greater deadlier effect (greater is to be debated as death toll from latest typhoon is not even close to being final)

Some of those that have reached out to me to ask how they can help out I’ve provided this link to a list of organizations you can donate to.

You can always drop off goods/supplies at the local church if they are doing some type of collection.

We are going to do 2 special all access LIVE Youtube webinars where you will get a chance to ask us to analyze any chart, the markets and options. We want to try and raise as much awareness and funds as possible and with your help we hope to make it substantial.  We don’t have a fundraising page nor will we make donating mandatory for attendance. We will rely on the honor system and allow you to choose how and to whom to donate to.  If you want to send us a screenshot of the confirmation of your donation or a pic of you dropping off supplies to the nearest receiving facility, feel free but you are not obliged to do so.

You can register for the webinar here:

We hope to see you there.

 Jeff @cerebraltrades

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If you missed the Tuesday Nov 19th webinar you can listen to it here :

Tuesday night we spoke about $INDU $COMPQ SPY $RUT $ONVO $TSLA $QCOR $DVA –

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