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Every quarter at, @cerebraltrades (Jeff) and @stockdarts (Rob) host an Earnings Workshop that covers trading the earnings events using options and managing your trades post earnings.

The Earnings Workshop hosts both strategy sessions to setup the trades and review sessions to analyze the trade post earnings.  Successful traders will tell you more than any marketing lingo and promotion games we can play.

The following testimonials are what people have said about the Earnings Workshops.

Rob & Jeff’s trades include…

200% on CREE calendar
100% on IBM bounce
200% on NFLX vertical
66% on first scale out of SNDK



Hi Jeff and Rob-

Really enjoyed the earnings webinar and I learned a lot about playing volatility into earnings. My personal goal for this webinar was to learn how to structure calendar plays and profit from volatility into earnings. I felt that you guys demonstrated a very well structured process for taking the “gambling” aspect out of playing earnings. I am confident that I can now structure my own earnings trades.

The only criticism I have of the course is that students might want to be told well ahead of time that they should open a TOS account and become familiar with the TOS tools. I know this was mentioned in the educational session before we started trading, but maybe this should be stressed even more. A pointer to a TOS tutorial might also be useful. I managed to determine the same option info using my Fidelity brokerage account, but more familiarity with the TOS screens would have been helpful for me. I should have taken the time to play with this on my own before starting the course. Not a huge complaint, but maybe future participants can be pointed to some TOS faqs or tutorials.

Otherwise, I was happy with the results and took over 1,000.00 in profits which more than paid for the cost of the course.

Here are my trade results:

HON Calendar +110%
NFLX long debit spread +200%
EBAY Condor +90%
JNPR Cal -60%
FB Condor -50%
LVS Calendar +25%
DIS Calendar -100%
AKAM Calendar -100%
LNKD Condor+debit +150%

The LNKD trade was my own creation, but it was based on your data. I sold an Iron Condor at the ranges you determined for LNKD earnings and additionally bought a put debit spread.

Looking forward to future earnings webinars. Thanks for putting so much hard work into the course.



Yet another excellent Stockguy22 mentoring class! If you understand options basics and want to learn how volatility affects pricing during earnings season, then this is the workshop for you. Rob and Jeff, two highly skilled options traders, discuss select companies that are reporting and detail specific strategies to use while clearly defining risk and reward.
In addition to educational sessions, several live trading sessions are offered to walk you through putting on the trades.There is a lot of student/mentor interaction within and outside of the class so you really gain an understanding of how unique earnings season is and why you want to take advantage of the trading opportunities it offers.The best testimonial that I could give is that I am signing up for the next session.

– RB


Jeff (cerebraltrades), Rob (stockdarts), Frank (stockguy22), As I had explained before joining the options workshop I have been trading for many years but fairly new to options and what I have learned had been on my own with bits and pieces from many sources. Your options class answered a ton of questions I had and showed some great trades involving the more complex option trades, as well as calls and put’s but in a way that was easy to understand and follow. Your workshop also allowed for any and all questions which were answered on a one by one basis in a slow and precise ( no rush) manner which allowed for all the different level of traders to grasp at their own pace.

I would highly recommend this class not only for the content but where can you get a week’s class for this price from two quality option traders? ( NO WHERE) that I am aware of and from a guy who gives more than any trader I know on Twitter or StockTwits, Frank aka stockguy22 and his group of quality traders. As I stated I will be back in the room this week to work on my stock swings more and no one better to fine tune things than this group imho.

Thanks again guys and see you soon,



Stockdarts and cerebraltrades, your earnings option trading class was just awesome!!…. I covered the cost with 2 trades and I am fairly new to doing more complex options trades like calendars, spreads, etc. You guys are both natural teachers. The fact that you take the time to explain to anybody new what options are all about, how do they work, what plays are best given each situation, the process to go through to plan and execute the trade, etc…. is definitely what we all need to understand if you are interested in learning how to fish versus just being given the fish!!. I believe whether you are experienced or not, you get a lot from the session. I have been able to use what I have learnt with you guys to do some very profitable trades…. thank you!

I have been part of the stockguy22 for almost a year and I am certain that you guys are the best out there. I don’t know of anyone out there that gives as much of their time to help and teach others!!… for free like the Saturday webinars…. and a paying member answering questions all the time. I am glad I came across you guys!

– C


 Our Offer

As a way for you to prepare for the next Earnings Workshop and learn about trading options at the same time. We will give you $199 to use to help pay for the next Earnings Workshop when you sign up for the recorded options education and workshop sessions.

These sessions cover everything you need to know to structure earnings trades.  You’ll learn how to gauge market moves,  structure and manage appropriate trades, counter the volatility push and fade, AND you’ll be able to profit immediately.


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