after 2 years in development ….. A new Era LINTCOIN Begins

in development for 2 years…

A breakthrough investment opportunity you will not want to miss…

Ground Floor Opportunity…

A new Era begins….

Introducing …… LINTCOIN

Update: April 1st,2014 10amEST  #LINTCOIN has already traded 80 Coins. Most Successful #LINT launch in history

Update: April 1st, 2014 10:45amESTDeveloping… FDA & WHO investigating health claims of wound treatment of #LINT in CRASH MODE

Update: April 1st, 2014 11:00amEST : #LINTCOIN has halted trading and NO orders are being filled causing chaos in LINT Commodity Pricing.

We apologize about this small setback and will be looking into this matter!



This new revolutionary peer-to-peer payment system and private digital money will change the world.

How does LINTCOIN work?

Lint will be harvested from ONLY 2 key people of the Stockguy22 group on a weekly basis.

Once LINT is harvested, it will be infused in a specially designed LINTCOIN that contains up to .000001 grams of GOLD & SILVER. This is the revolutionary difference that will set this new digital currency apart from past failures. With the added infusion of real commodities there will be a multiple sources of value in each LINTCOIN.

How is LINTCOIN stored?

We have one of the top investment auditing firms make sure all LINT is genuine and properly secured after harvesting in MINI biometric safes that we are ordering from Amazon.

The prestigious “SilverMan Sachs” (not associated with “Goldman Sachs”) will be be the lead underwriter if LINTCOIN foundation ever gets an IPO under the reserved stock ticker “LINT”

How will LINTCOIN maintain value?

Since the LINT harvest is limited to only 2 people, you can rest assured that LINTCOINS will never go into mass production and will always be a store of value for many generations.

Other uses of LINTCOIN : As per Wikipedia. LINT has been used as a “wound treatment” as early as 1,500 BC so we will try to patent the use of LINTCOIN as “on-the-go wound treatment” where LINTCOIN owners can supply their personal coins to treat minor cuts and gashes instead of bandages and stitches. We still have not calculated the profit potential for this but could run into the $100’s per year in shared revenue stream.

Unlikely event of volatility in LINTCOIN prices.

All investments and new digital currencies come with a high level of risk. We are forward thinkers so in the unlikely event of a crash in LINTCOIN prices we will make sure the 2 LINT Harvesters will wear a smaller number of wool sweaters and avoid static electricity for a period of time. This in essence will reduce the amount of harvest and control supply levels.

If LINTCOIN prices explode we will increase supply by suggesting only heavy wool Christmas sweaters be worn to increase the LINT harvest.

WARNING .. this will only be used as a stopgap measure when a 20%+ move in LINTCOIN occurs in a given 24 hour period and not as a way to control supply and demand for quality LINT.

How is the LINT harvest audited?

We have one of the top lint auditing firms in the world make sure all LINT is genuine when harvested.

Quality of LINTCOIN?

There are many different types of LINT but you can rest assured that No Dryer, NO Pocket LINT will ever be used only the more PURE and LIMITED quality Navel Lint

What is Navel Lint?

Navel lint (also known by names such as navel fluff, belly button lint, belly button fluff, and dip lint) is an accumulation of fluffy fibers in the navel cavity. Many people find that, at the beginning and end of the day, a small lump of fluff has appeared in the navel cavity. This lint is an accumulation of cloth fibers that are scraped by body hair. The reasons for its accumulation in the navel are a subject of speculation. A likely hypothesis is that rubbing of navel hairs and clothing contributes to a build-up of static electricity, resulting in the collection of clothing fibers and to a lesser extent, dead skin cells.

How Much LINT will be harvested ?

After exhaustive research, around 3 minutes on Google, we consulted with Guinness World Record Lint Holder, Graham Barker, who has collected Naval Lint for over 20 years. On average he has accumulated 3.03 milligrams of fluff each day.

Projected LINT collected based on life expectancy determined by our complex algorithm detailed below.

77 total harvest years x 3.03 mg x 365days = 85,158.15 mg
** if life expectancy rates remains at current levels

A reasonable 0.50mg per coin means there will be a projected 170,316 LINTCOINS in circulation but staggered over 77 potential years.

By our complex valuation and calculations each LINTCOIN will have a value of over $60 USD each, but each LINTCOIN could be worth over $100,000 each by 2040.

FREE limited number of LINTCOIN Wallets for Early Investors.

Forget Digital Wallets…. We know you will want to show off these coins to your friends, relatives, and business associates. We will provide the first 500 buyers with a fake “Louis Vuitton” wallet so you can really impress them.

Futures LINTCOIN Projects in development :

  • A LINTCOIN App for iphone and android so your kids can create a virtual LintCoin of their own (but with no monetary value) .
  • LINTCOIN LAND App where you trade virtual coins in a virtual environment and see other Virtual Lint Harvesters in your area in Virtual REAL-TIME.
  • DRONE delivery of LINTCOIN orders on minimum 50 piece orders.


 Here are a few charts that add color to this presentation prospectus.


A possible LINT chart after the IPO. Not indicative of a real LINT stock move but what our analyst said could happen.


UPDATE: 11:12amEST

Sad day for Early #LINTCOIN investors – Many lost fortunes,  leaving empty pockets & worthless POCKET LINT





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