Taking CREE for a 200% gain. Want more? We had more.

Rob had a 200% on CREE gain in the last Earnings Season Workshop.  This was along with 100% on IBM and 200% on NFLX.

We will be using the ThinkOrSwim platform and other options tools.

ThinkOrSwim education about Calendars and Analyze Tab with Probability.

Rob (@stockdarts)is teaching and trading the Q1 2014 Earnings Season Workshop starting April 14th.

The first 2 live workshops will be education about options, following up with live trading during earnings season sessions.

Alcoa Inc. is expected to report earnings on April 8th, 2014. The report will be for the fiscal Quarter ending March 2014.

The Earnings Season Workshop will kick off starting April 14th, 2014.

Sign up early for a $100 discount using code sg22399

Early registration ends April 5th, 2014. Open seats are limited as this is a personal setting for teaching trading.

Check out our testimonials here and here.

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