Ira Sohn 2014 Conference

 Ira Sohn 2014 Conference

and 2013 Results 

I will update the list of stocks mentioned at this year’s Ira Sohn Event and keep track of results as I have done in past years.

2013 Results and previous years below:

Ira Sohn Conference 2014

Ira Sohn Conference 2014

I’m not one of the big hedge fund guys from NYC but I find this event helpful to me as an individual trader. It is interesting to see the stocks that are mentioned and I have traded stocks from the past events. They are not all great ideas but there have been some incredible trades at past events. The Ira Sohn Conference is a yearly meeting of top hedge fund recommendations to traders and institutions. Approx. 3,000+ people attend this yearly event. This is an expensive conference and the hedge fund presenters are under a microscope so they put their best plays out on the table. The money is raised for charity which is a big plus of having all these Wall St. fat cats all in one place.  There have been some amazing long & short plays. I was most impressed with the short plays in 2009 ( a time when the market had bottomed and was continuing higher). I did well picking up and trading a few of the stocks from 2011 and 2012 & 2013 Events. Some I already had so once they are mentioned there they usually get a bit of a boost that day. So if you see some stocks moving on no news today then it was probably mentioned at Ira Sohn.

I was actually disappointed with the results from 2013. You would think with such a great market the past year that we would see mostly successful trades but that is not the case:

Best 2013 Ira Sohn Stocks were:

  • Keith Meister with a long LVLT 83.78%
  • Joel Greenblatt ( contest winner ) Long TRBAA 40.97%
  • Stan Druckenmiller  with a long on GOOGL 22.55% but wrong on AAPL short -29.56%
  • Clifton Robbins longs on AKAM 19.52%  and CACI  18.73%

Worst 2013 Ira Sohn Stocks were: 

  • Steve Eisman short on – 79.98% ( stock had split 2 for 1 )
  • Kyle Bass long on DXM  – 53.78%
  • Jim Chanos short on WDC   -42.18%
  • Jeff Gundlach short on CMG  -41.11%
  • Stan Druckenmiller short on AAPL -29.56%
  • Steve Eisman long on FOR -25.54%
  • Jim Chanos short on STX -19.35%
  • Steve Eisman long on OCN -15.17%

Detailed list below :



2013 Ira Sohn full notes from May 8th, 2013 & recaps through the year:

2012 Ira Sohn  and recap of 2011

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