Starting January 13th – A few seats left !


I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, and would like to wish you a Happy New Year as we enter 2015, and what better way to kick off the new year than with an Earnings Workshop!

It seems like just yesterday we finished our last earnings workshop, and the next one is already at our doorstep with AA reporting on Monday, January 12th.  Last year was a great year for us, with excellent results throughout each quarter, and hopefully we will surpass these results this year as we grow together.



I invite you to attend our next one by offering you a special offer.

I’m am extremely proud of the progress each of my students have made, more so than the results I post for my trades, and look forward to see the continued improvement from those that keep coming back to trade with me.

These workshops are more than just education, they are great opportunities to work together to find trades for each other and help move us all forward in our trading careers.

Best Wishes,





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