About Stockguy22

I first wanted to say thanks for stopping by.

Who is Stockguy22 ?

I am a dedicated father and husband who loves to trade stocks, invest in real estate, and play poker. I enjoy helping traders to becoming more profitable by using trading techniques that i’ve found to work for me.

I started posting on Twitter in April 2009.  I have gained the trust and respect of 1,000’s followers on Twitter..  I am also one of the few traders on Twitter who has consistently posted profitable trades in real time and screenshots from my actual trading accounts.

In 2009, trading alone earned me over $1.5 million from just 2 swing & daytrading accounts. I had other longer term accounts but the majority of the $1.5 million can be tracked in real time over my Twitter feed. You can see many of the 2009 /2010 actual trades & Chart analysis here: http://twitpic.com/photos/stockguy22

Over the years, I have done very well from business investments, real estate, and trading.  I have also been an angel investor to a number of start-up and expanding businesses.


More about Stockguy22

@stockguy22 became popular on Twitter with his huge overnight trade on biotech DNDN in Spring of 2009 for over $100,000 (trade here) as well as consistent easy to understand charts and posts. His many charts have been viewed over 100,000 times on twitpic & in the chatroom )

Some of his top 2009 trades were DNDNJAVA, DRYS, EGLE, and EXM. (you can see many of them on twitpic )

Made first trade in 1985 as a young college student and continued to trade part time while running my business from 1987 – 1998.  Retired at the age of 34.

Best trade during this period was buying Microsoft (MSFT) in 1985 for $1,000 and selling it in 1994 for over $138,000

By 1999, was trading full time.  Experienced success and setbacks but learned from the setbacks to become a profitable and successful trader.  Currently trades full time and has helped thousands of traders around the world with his trading techniques and advice.

Why we started the site and the Chatroom (VTF- Virtual Trading Floor)

We wanted something very different from many other Trading Sites – a place where successful and aspiring traders could learn from actual traders that do this for a living.

The best way to do that is by : Live Trading, Education and Mentoring  .

We post trades in real time and post charts and videos with strategies and notes so you can better understand our trading techniques and we:

  1. Guide new traders to learn to trade stocks, options & futures
  2. Provide ongoing education with guest speakers, webinars & coaching/mentoring
  3. Develop an environment of collaboration with other successful traders

What others have to say about Stockguy22

WeFollow.com rated stockguy22 as one of the top 10 most influential people on twitter in the  stocks and trading categories, and one of the top 20 most influential people in finance.

Shorty Awards (Academy Awards of Twitter) rated stockuy22 one of the top 10 Finance sites.

The Stockguy22 Chatroom & VTF (Virtual Trading Floor ) was rated #1 in 2010 by Investimonials.com where you can read over 200 Reviews.

I hope you can learn something from me and our team that will help you become a more successful profitable trader.

Happy Trading,