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Gold Membership Information

For less than $3 a day (billed monthly) get access to swing trades, scans, tools, and much more.

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The Gold Membership is designed for swing traders that want access to analysis and investment ideas but might only have time to check them once of twice a day. Get access to chart with analysis, trade ideas, webinars, and scans used my our group to generate profitable trades.

An archive of charts going back to 2010.  This is the place to go to get swing trades and chart analysis.

Premium Videos
Access to archived sessions and live sessions held through the month.

Swing Positions Picks
Swing trades that Stockguy22 is holding with risk reward analysis.

Stockguy22 Private Twitter Feed
Access to follow our private twitter feed with trades and commentary from Stockguy22.

Free Webinars
Free webinars on trading strategies, analysis, charting, psychology and many other trading topics.

Trading Plan Video
Learn to to develop a Trading Plan for your account and your goals.  You will learn about risk versus reward, position sizing and other tips to help you succeed in your trading.

Stock and ETF Scans
Use our Stock and ETF custom scans to get ideas for your next trade and to discuss trades with other traders.

Archive of the most recent Tymora Alerts
An real-time archive of the most recent alerts from Tymora Pro.

Options Analysis Tools
Analyze potential options trades for historical volatility, pinning, usual trades, and open interest.


Diamond Membership Information

For less than $6 a day (billed monthly) get access to all the gold members features, plus live trades, live audio and chat, alerts, scans, and coaching.

Try it for $1 a day !!

The Diamond Membership is for active day traders interested in stock, options, and futures strategies.  We trade in real-time during market hours in stocks, index futures, and commodities.  We regularly trade the e-mini S&P, DOW, and Nasdaq, as well as the Russell 2000 e-mini.

All Gold Member Advantages
You get all the site features that the Gold Member plus a lot more.

Private Coaching
Private coach via email and Skype to go over trades and analysis.

Live Audio
Live Squawk during trading hours with traders.

Live Text chat
Live HTML5 based text chat with other members and traders.

Live Entries and Exits
Live entries and exits posted within milliseconds automatically from our trading platforms.

Live Recap and Analysis
Live Analysis in the audio and the chat.

Real-time Alerts by Tymora Pro
Out HTML5 based low-latency platform features trade alerts and signals integrated into the system.  Idea generation has never been easier.

A Trading Community Like No Other is like no other trading community and service on the market today.



We want you to make many times the cost of the membership. Honestly, we want this site to be the last membership site for trading you will ever need.

Our 100% guarantee: If within the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, cancel for full refund.

Listen to the Tax Webinar to find out how to write off your monthly Stockguy22 Membership on your Taxes.