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24+ Real-Time Scans


With over 24 Custom Scans, you will never be without a trade idea to research.  Our scans have been tested and are used in our own trades.

We are always testing and adding new scans as market conditions change.  It’s like having someone do research and testing for you and then give you the best results.




What’s moving in the markets?

Never miss what’s going on in the market with our top gains and losers.   All our stocks scans are filtered, you don’t get low float trash that you can’t trade reasonably.


Earnings Reports

Never get blindsided by an earnings report if you check this list each day.


Fundamental Based Scans

Our fundamental scans are some of the best you can find for short and long term investing.  Find stocks with high divdends and growth, look for stocks that are potential short squeezes, find stocks that are good pullback buys, or just look for growth ideas. We have everything  you need.


Hot Small Cap Stocks

Our small cap stock scans look for volatile and high momentum trades that you can use to boost your % performance on a daily basis. If you like to trade high beta small caps then this is the scan for you.


tymoraPro tradeScan Alerts

tymoraPRO is a professional trader’s most powerful trading and tape-reading tool. Whether scalping, swing-trading, managing multiple portfolios, or scanning for the next great trading opportunity, tymoraPRO defines the next generation of charting, analytics, alerts, screening, news scanning, and execution, by utilizing proprietary algorithms to analyze every trade, bid, offer, and even how other Players “move” their quotes.

To learn more about the full tymoraPro trading platform, click here. Market Model

The market model is a custom built market timing model for subscribers @ You can use it to guide decisions based on short and long term technical views of the market.  The Market Model analyzes the sector SPDR etfs, popular ETFs, and popular stocks.

The market model analyzes popular ETF’s.

The market model analyzes a set of popular stocks.

All the Sector SPDRs are represented in the market model.


You make the choice to succeed with the right tools.

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