Stockguy22 Free until the World Ends

After carefully analyzing our charts and the Mayan calendar, we have a very special treat for everyone.  Stockguy22 is opening up its doors to everyone until the world ends on Dec 21, 2012.   Since the end is near, there is no better time to finally learn to trade from real traders.

While we careen towards the fiscal cliff, tax hikes, and spending cuts, the market is stuck in a range. It’s a great time to expand your skills and learn something new.  This is absolutely no risk and no cash required.

If the world doesn’t end on December 21st, 2012, then you can stick around for free until January 5th, 2013.

Sign up for a Stockguy22 Free Membership to get access to the Trading Floor, Live Audio using TeamSpeak, Dropbox, Scans & Tools, Webinars until the end.

A link called FREE MEMBERS 2012 VOICE SETUP is located under the Active Resources in the Members Area to show you how to setup TeamSpeak 3.  There are clients for PC, MAX, Linux, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

If you already have a Free Stockguy22 Membership then you just need to login and setup TeamSpeak.  If you are not currently a Free Stockguy22 Member then login and click Add/Renew Subscription and sign up for the Stockguy22 Free Membership.

What do you get for free until the world ends or January 5th, 2013?

Stockguy22 Trading Floor

Trade live with other traders using our low-latency HTML5 platform.

Our platform features Tymora tradeScan alerts, live charts, trade alerts, private messages, and many other features.

Charts & Analysis

Get access to real-time charts with fundamental and technical analysis. Our system has charts archived all that way back to 2010, that’s literally THOUSANDS of charts with analysis.


Real-time updated archive of charts and analysis going back to 2010.

Real-time Tymora Trade Alerts

Tymora Pro generates real-time trade alerts and ideas. Never be without an idea.

Stockguy22 Real-time Scans & Tools

The tools and scans are a set of custom Stock & ETF scans use can use real-time and end of day to find ideas, search twitter for specific stock symbols to see whats being talked about, analyze options volume and open interest to look for pinning or other action in the options market, get the last group of Tymora Pro trade alerts.

Weekly / Bi-Weekly Newsletter

The PDF newsletter is something new we are going to do.  The newsletter will feature trade ideas and analysis from jgsilon9292, stockdarts, and jstantrades.  Guest traders will be featured as well.  The goal is to give you access to the same things we are trading and the ideas we are seeing without having to be in the trading floor 24/7.

The newsletter will features stocks, futures, and options trades with analysis.  There will be an occasional strategy and educational section to explore different trading styles and techniques. Pricing will be quarterly and separate from other memberships after January 2013.


What do you only get with a paid membership after January 5th, 2103?

You get all of the above, plus;

  • 1-on-1 mentoring
  • Access to our private twitter feed
  • Access to premium videos hosted by @Stockguy22
  • Free Trading Plan webinar
  • Discounts on premium webinars
  • Custom NinjaTrader 7 indicators and tools
  • And much more !!

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Legal Gobblygook:  As a user you agree to the terms, here. Please also read the Disclaimer of LiabilityPrivacy Statement, and Risk Statement which are incorporated herein by reference. Offer is good for new members only. Access to site features will be disabled on Jan 6th, 2013, afterwards a premium Diamond will be required.