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End of Day Charts, US budget deal, and a mess all around

Charts look good to the upside on an agreement for the U.S. debt going forward.  Europe is basically considering a default for Greece, more printing but less chance the defaults spread to the rest of the PIGS.  Free money, how

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Correlations and Price Swing Patterns on ES TF NQ YM futures in relation to DX (usd futures)

I am going to try to post these correlation charts more.   What I am noticing is the markets while predominantly inversely correlated to the USD, can and do at times move in degrees of postive correlation with the USD.

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Euro and USD relationship to markets – can it hold?

USD (/DX) basket of currencies to give a value to USD. Notice the tight action in price. Waiting for the US debt negotiations, waiting for Greece.     Next up is the /6E Euro (60% of the /DX).  Notice the

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