Great live interactive site for stocks, futures and options

Coming from the corporate world of trading, the interactive site of stockguy22 has given me a wealth of information to ease my way into the swing and day trading arena. The majority of the “leaders” show their trades, winners and losers, and give constant helpful advice to newbies. The group of traders genuinely pull for each others’ success. I highly recommend the site to new independent traders, and experienced traders who are looking for authentic and enthusiastic interaction.



This is a great service compared to many other offerings out there

I love the interaction between Frank and other experienced traders here. Nothing else comes close to the level of service and respect that you get from this site. Unfortunately many other stock trading pro’s have enormous ego’s and are just trying to sell you something, Frank & crew genuinely have several methods of profiting off this market without trying to sell you a fuzzy story and some type of million dollar strategy.

Love every aspect of Stockguy and will be a member for years to come.



One of the better communities of traders not trading pennys

I’ve been a member for about 6 months. I agree with the reviews that say this is not a room for buy here – sell here folks.
There is always idea flow about stocks for the long term and the short term. It seems like most people play futures intraday and use stocks as swings. There are a few traders posting intraday stock picks, and there is a guy that handles IPO’s.

Frank does have a problem with stops, but he uses strict position sizing and money management so no position can ever ruin his account.
The biggest benefit here for new traders is these guys teach you to stay calm and focus on the trading opportunities. You can’t find this at very many places.

This is a very low ego trading room as well, which I like



Great place for the beginning trader

The chat room has a large number of users from all market backgrounds. On any day you’ll find stock traders, option traders, futures traders using both fundamental and technical analysis. The website hosts a large amount of free videos geared to educate the beginning investor/trader. Intraday webinars are given when users have questions regarding a particular trade. Afterhour conversation is encouraged offering additional advice/help to those that need it. Users are organized into a hierarchical format where experienced traders are permitted to speak on the mic and general users are limited to the chatroom. Tech support is available throughout the day.

Overall Stockguy22 is a great place for the beginning trader. Experienced/veteran traders will definitely find value in the rooms resources however may find repetition of remedial information boring. The chatroom is also censored which some traders may find restrictive.



Trade by yourself or with an ARMY behind you!!!

Stockguy22.com is a great room with a fantastic community of traders. It is nice to get a fresh perspective on trades and have experienced traders to bounce ideas off of. Everyone in the room is friendly and helpful. The webinars available are great! This ARMY of traders can be a benefit to any investor. So I guess the question you have to ask yourself is: “Should I trade alone or with an ARMY to back me?”



Great chatroom for new daytraders

I started day (and swing) trading with Frank about a year ago. I learned from scratch on how to read charts, how to manage money, and how to spot trading opportunities from Frank and many other experienced traders in Frank’s chatroom. Frank is such an inspiration and you will learn more than just trading in his chatroom. If you are new to trading, you should definitely spend sometime in his room. While it is very tempting to follow the pros in the room to chase breakout stocks, my suggestion is to observe and listen, at least for a week or so before you follow anyone’s trade. Also, this room is great for futures traders. If you are into fast and furious actions, you should go check it out.



Excellent Chat Room

These guys are genuinely interested in helping new traders. Plus you get the exposure to several excellent traders making trades live. It’s a very valuable tool!!!



Great room and great mentors

A must have resource for any active trader!! no shortage of knowledge or help there!!



“Simply the best”

One of the best rooms if not the best for information, insight, live trades, great ideas, quality traders, unbelievable amount of knowledge from some great people and Frank just a great teacher for those who want to learn from the best.



Stockguy22 is the best in trading

I have been on many trading platforms, this is truly the best place to learn from the pro’s.



Lots of great traders to learn from!

Something for everyone. Fundamental and technical analysis and futures. Great traders willing to help. Cant beat it!!11



Help from a friend, my experience

I have been involved with the stock market since 2007, analyzing successful trades and reading as much as I can about playing the trading game properly. One of the people I knew, pointed me towards the stockguy22 chat and I took the steps to see what’s going on.

What I found was a great bunch of professionals taking about their track records and going over ideas that I understood to some extent and, after listening passively to what they had to say, after three days, during after-market hours, I decided to say “Hi”.

Stockguy22 included me in the conversation right away, and, in a very short time, I became part of the group.

What really impressed me about the chat is that, regardless of the high level of success these people have accomplished through hard work and persistence, they did not forget where they originally came from. With great encouragement, they are still taking the time to mentor a newbie like myself and help me go through the struggles of becoming a success.

Every question I had, trading related of course, Stockguy22 would always take the time to answer during trading hours as well as during his free weekend seminars with great generosity. I would learn and make sure not to repeat same question again, that way the interaction did not turn awkward at any point.

This chat room is for me more than just a business setting I am occasionally part of, it is a place of learning and growth, where good advice and support is offered unconditionally by traders, who are also helpful friends.

Many Thanks to Stockguy22 for allowing me to be a part of your trading community !!!



good stuff

straight shooter



Stockguy22 is Great! Fantastic group of traders!

Stockguy22.com has some great information and webinars. There is also a great group of traders every day in the chat. Excellent information, and solid trading……Props to Stockguy22…….



A friendly community for serious traders

First, Stockguy22 is a master trader who loves to trade — and has a gift for inspiring and teaching others.

Best thing I did as a new trader was to discover Stockguy22 on StockTwits — while other top traders were tweeting their trading “highlights,” Stockguy22 was sharing his complete trades. Then he opened his trading room and soon hundreds of traders were showing up every day.

Stockguy22’s trading room is an opportunity to interact with him, and follow his trades and his “play-by-play” — all day. It’s an experience that’s something like listening to Vince Scully call a ballgame — smooth and articulate, and so interesting.

The Stockguy22 trading room has become a friendly, respectful community committed to trading and learning — and it’s attracted many great traders. There’s Parr-Parr — highly focused and a scalper with the precison of a surgeon. TraderJim64 — experienced professional trader and a gifted teacher of technicals. BrettDavid and JStanford — masters at trading futures. And there’s Geckler — master at trading pretty much everything. Like Stockguy22, they generously share their trades and expertise.

Stockguy22 trading room is for serious traders who aspire to become excellent traders — and where master traders pool their talents and collaborate on strategies.



Great room

I’m a newcomer to the room and have enjoyed my time there. It’s the perfect place to bounce ideas off of other experienced traders to get another point of view. Trading isn’t about taking (buying) someone else’s methodology and using it as your own, it’s about learning what style will fit your personality. The room is a perfect place to explore different approaches and to hear how others are sizing up the market. For the record I didn’t check any of the “Entertainment” ratings because this isn’t what the room is about (at least for me). I trade ES futures but I’m interested in learning other vehicles and the room looks to be the perfect place to help me expand. For beginners to advanced traders a like the stockguy22 room will provide invaluable content that will take your game to the next level.



Excellent Chat Room

These guys are genuinely interested in helping new traders. Plus you get the exposure to several excellent traders making trades live. It’s a very valuable tool!!!



Great Chat Room

I regularly visit Stockguy22 chat room to learn and improve my trading skills. Great traders share their knowledge in this site everyday. Although I am a part time trader, every change I get I go there. Nice and successful traders give their time and knowledge to help one another. Great educational webinar are offered too. Love the chat room.



Stockguy22 is the best in trading

I have been on many trading platforms, this is truly the best place to learn from the pro’s.



Excellent Chat Room

This is an excellent chat room for those trading anything from stocks to futures on equity indices, crude, and FX. Traders in here are making great live calls throughout the day. Everyone is always willing to answer any question you may have.

Many thanks to those who offer up their wisdom for everyone else.



Altruism In Practice.

Altruism : “is selfless concern for the welfare of others. It is a traditional virtue in many cultures, and a core aspect of various religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Sikhism, and many others. Altruism is the opposite of selfishness.”

Hands Down the most professional group of traders, that are willing to help without expecting anything in return.



Great bunch of people

Idea/information flow is awesome. There are different trading styles through different asset classes, which you can learn from. Explained thoroughly is discipline and money management. Stockguy22 is always willing to help.



Simply the Best!!

I must say I am a self taught day/swing trader and have been doing this full time for a little over nine months. I have spent many exhaustive hours of research and study and the information that I received from some very experienced traders in this room are invaluable.

My benchmark for judging any information is quite high, either be it free or paid service, is that if I can duplicate the results on my own, with no help from others, then that is priceless and well worth it to me. I have been very successful because of the stockguy22 chat room.

Although, I am not in the room every day, I can say with a high degree of certainty that this arena has given me the ability and confidence to trade (other vehicles other than stocks) along side with some of the best, selfless, and altruistic traders that are out there

Kudos to Frank and all in the room

Thanks for all your help…..



Grade A Educational and Informative Trading Chat Rom

Simply put , the StockGuy22 Chatroom is an amazing trading community consisting of a variety of high level traders, who not only share trade ideas ,but also take time to educate.I highly recommend this room for both novice and sophisticated traders. a special thanks should be said to Frank , the founder of this community.



Educational and patient man willing to share his knowledge

I spend time daily in Frank’s room and enjoy having the multiple sets of eyes available to point towards fast movers. Was primarily a swing trader prior to finding Frank on Twitter but learning in his room has enabled me to make more day-trades adding to my overall profit. The room is full of knowledgeable and helpful traders both technical and fundamental offering a wide selection of analysis of stocks and trades.



Cutting Edge On the Front Lines Of Day Trading

I love this site because the traders are sharing up to the second real time trades with information that has depth. Charts are analyzed and various options are discussed to make a profit on either a stock moving up or down in price. You can watch and listen at the STOCKGUY22 chatroom and see for yourself that these traders are serious and know how to make the best moves for a daily profit.

This is an experience for all levels of traders to learn from and get new and quality insights as well as share your own insights.



No BS trading here.

Just joined last week and I’m hooked! If you’re serious in learning how to trade stocks/futures/options, read charts and evaluate technical indicators or if you’re interested in learning from seasoned traders and investors THIS IS YOUR GROUP. Frank (Stockguy22) and his team of contributors are always willing to help everyone be a better trader. His audio enhanced chatroom is a pleasant surprise as you can hear Frank and his team discuss current plays, market conditions, charts, and news. No nonsense, no BS. Why not check it out?



Excellent place for beginner like me to learn day trading

Finally, I find out the best website for learning day trading from an excellent mentor without trying to sell you a bunch of products.

Very Clean website. Hopefully more articles coming up.

Thank you for your effort and kindness to show others people about day trading.



Stockguy22 is great

Frank is a humble man and very experienced. Very good trader I really like his chartroom!



Great Place

There are several professional traders in this room who are generous with their knowledge and willing to share their strategies. The room is professional and everyone is extremely respectful of each other. I would highly recommend this room to traders of all levels.



nice site for some beginner info

Some skilled traders on the boards, with many different styles. A good place for a beginner to learn some support/resist tech analysis. Some futures traders also describe and call out some of their trades. A lot of noise from non-traders making stock comments, and no way of putting them on ignore.



follow the winners

At stockguy22 you know that you are following someone who has had real success in trading. There are many good traders who are sharing their ideas and its mixed with entertaining commentary just enough to keep the day interesting. The room is not bogged down by unecessary commentary which is great for your trading focus.



Fantastic community with a fantastic attitude!

I am a relatively new trader and have been following stockguy22 for about 4 months now. The information that I have learned so far has been invaluable to me. Hanging with these guys has really sped up the “learning curve” when it comes to trading the markets. If you are a new trader wanting to become profitable in as little time as possible, I suggest no other community other than stockguy22.



The Best Trading Site on the Net

This site is oriented towards daytraders but has some of the best content on the net. These guys are pros and you can learn a lot by stopping in.



Good educational site.

Likes the no holding back opinions and stock market events as they relate to trading.



Trading Prowess

Whether a beginner or seasoned trader, the group of traders @ Stockguy22 have demonstrated their experience and willingness to share their ideas openly and honestly.

They deliver consistently in providing trade ideas, strategies and Q&A support during the trading day. I’ve been following these guys on Twitter for a few months and regularly learn something from them. Increase your trading prowess by following Stockguy and their products of support!



Great chat room, great traders, and great people.

Highly recommended! I have only had the pleasure of sitting in on this chat room on a handful of occasions, but on those occasions I have learned (and earned) a lot. The people that make up the Stockguy22 chat room know what they are talking about, and best of all, they share it with ANYBODY FOR FREE! IMO, this is by far the best place to go to learn about and talk trading. The webinars are incredible and they even take time to answer questions for hours after. The guys with the voice chat enabled also keep it light by throwing in a joke or two here and there. Truly the best combo of getting down to business, making money, learning and entertainment. If I didn’t have a day job I would be in the Stockguy22 chat room all day, everyday (currently looking for a job on 2nd shift)



Wonderful trading community.

Frank and his team are very generous on sharing their trading knowledge and helping out on answering questions as much as they can. A trading chatroom with professional traders for every traders. Keep up the great work guys!



Recommend to beginner and seasoned traders alike

I first started following stockguy22 on Twitter, and I have recently switched over to their chat room. I visit a plethora of internet stock communities, and this one has by far the best professional contributors. I have paid $200+ a month elsewhere to get virtually the same service as stockguy22’s chat room. I like these guys because they seem to be honest, hard-working, and inspiring.



Great chatroom

This has one of the best trading chatrooms I have visited over the past 4 years. The chatroom is moderated by a solid group of active traders. It’s very helpful for day, swing, and futures traders.



A great mentor with tons of trading and life experience

Frank is incredibly generous with his time. His willingness to share his knowledge and listen to the most basic of questions is admirable. Attending the chat on a daily basis has allowed me to expand my realm of knowledge and witness different styles of trading. There is something for everyone in the room and all levels of trader will benefit from the constant supply of timely information…a traders best friend.